Freezing 🥶


Wednesday 9th to Wednesday 23rd October

It’s not much fun when your boiler breaks down and you have no heating or hot water for the week. Grumpy girls, Leah having to use the ‘not very nice’ showers up at the gym when she’s finished her workout and Robyn actually getting under the freezing cold one at home 🚿🥶 She is absolutely crazy that girl!

Heaven when we eventually got it fixed.

We certainly take these simple things for granted nowadays don’t we.

Have a watch of this video. ‘making the decision’ to donate a loved one’s organs when dealing with their loss can be tough for families. This is how doctors and nurses help them through.

This makes me think even more of my two donor families who had to go through this absolutely dreadful time 😰

Thank you 💗💙

Please have that important chat with your family and friends so that they know your own wishes, it makes a difficult time much easier, and then many more donor organs will become available to save other people’s lives 🙂

And just to end on a slightly lighter note, this is definitely me, everything hurts 😖

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