Muddy walk 👣


Saturday 11th to Tuesday 14th January

It was good to get out for a muddy walk at the weekend. It seems like I haven’t been for ages.

And there’s been some great news.

Scientists have found a way to keep a liver alive outside the body for up to a week using perfusion technology.

In 2018, 975 livers from 1574 potential organ donors in the UK were used for transplantation. 599 (38%) were therefore not considered suitable for use.

Hopefully this will now soon mean that more livers will become available for people who are unwell and waiting for liver transplants 👍

The liver has over 500 functions.

About the liver.

I find it quite amazing really to think that the liver will still be able to do all of these things after being out of a living body for a week.

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