I ❤️ segwaying!


Monday 10th to Monday 17th February

Happy Birthday to my brother 🍻

And Happy 60th Birthday to my sister 🥂

This means it was time for an adventure!

We were going on a Segway.

A bit scary at first, how on earth are we going to do this we all thought, but surprisingly after our training we all got used to it (some better than others!) and off we all went, down the lane, through the farm yard and across the fields, through very uneven and muddy ditches and big muddy puddles. As I got more used to it I absolutely loved it. I was frozen right through to the bone and shivering throughout as it was such a cold and windy day, especially out in the open fields, but it was such good fun.

There was time for fizz 🍾

We went to a casino in the evening. I’ve never been to one before, so that was an eye opener too. People were just throwing £50 notes on the table to change into chips then they were all just getting swept away by the croupier when their number didn’t turn up on the roulette wheel. All that money being lost in probably less than a minute 😱😖

Then back to our rented apartment for the night, where I basically had not much sleep at all due to the constant traffic noise I think and my sister noisily cleaning her coat at 5.30 in the morning 😱

Time for a quick visit to the sea during Storm Dennis

Then home.

As usual we had some disasters along the way but there were enjoyable times too 😀

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