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Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st May

Watch A message from Earth

There have been more than 3 million cases of coronavirus across the world.

There are just over 30 countries and territories which have not yet reported a single case. (But remember just because a nation has not reported any infections does not necessarily mean there have been no cases. Some seem to like to keep it secret for some reason!)

Many are small, hard to reach islands in the Pacific that I have never heard of! And several of these are some of the least populated places in the world.

One of these places being Comoros.

How can there be such a nasty and horrible virus in a beautiful place like this.

Wish I was there …

Anyway, as the different lockdowns around the world begin to lift, it seems like life is very gradually starting to return to the ‘new normal’.

This article shows some interesting photos of then and now.

Striking photos show ghost towns and cities returning to new normal

And in my own attempt to try and get things back to some kind of normal, there was Friday night fish and chips, which I have been looking forward to having 😋

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