Happy Birthday 🎂


Tuesday 16th to Tuesday 23rd June

Happy Birthday QEHB 🎂

“16th June 2020 marks 10 years since the first patients moved into the UK’s newest and largest (at the time) single site hospital. The move involved transferring 800 patients in 52 hours, including 65 Critical Care patients, all while maintaining delivery of 24/7 services.

The first major department to open in the new hospital was the Emergency Department, which started receiving patients from the first minute of 16th June 2010.

The opening of the fruit and veg stall in November 2012 meant that staff, patients, visitors and the local community were able to buy fresh fruit, vegetables and salad right on the doorstep.”

It’s good to have a little visit to this stall when on a trip to clinic in the QE 🍓🍎

An amazing hospital 😍

And football’s finally back ⚽️ That makes me a bit happy 😃

Remember back in April we planted some peas? Well look …

A trip down memory lane!

Oh my goodness, I seem to remember too many of these 🙃

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