Where are my keys 🔑 ???


Saturday 10th to Friday 16th October

A little trip out to Burford Garden Centre ðŸŒđðŸŒĩ What some lovely things they have there – if you have lots of spare money to spend!

And then I saw this …

Later in the week, and two walks in one day (one ending with a coffee sat outside Nero’s in the warm sunshine ☕ïļâ˜€ïļ) must have been a bit too much for me I think! as I lost my house keys at the end of the second walk. It was dark by then so I had to drag Leah to come back out with me so that I could look for them, luckily there they were still led right in the middle of one of the paths in our town. Phew.

And just because this is funny and makes me laugh, watch woman pranks husband


Are there a few people that you would like to do this too?!

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