walk, walk, walk ðŸ‘£


Sunday 22nd to Monday 30th November

There was a trip to the Rollright Stones and a fun walk in the woods nearby.

There was a nice little afternoon walk in Stratford-upon-Avon. The sunset when we came back into our town was quite amazing.

Then one day we decided on a visit to Foxholes Nature Reserve. It seems like we took a wrong turn when we first got there and were just walking through random deserted fields and very muddy tracks. And it was rather cold!

On our way back we found the way we should have gone in the first place!

We definitely need to go back in the Spring and Summer to see the bluebells, other wildflowers and wildlife. Hopefully it would be a bit warmer then too 🥶

So it seems I walk my way through lockdown, maybe next time (will there be a next time???) I should find a spare wall like Viktorija.

Take a look at all of her doodles!

That really must have took some doing, but what a great idea.

When I’m sat having my morning cup of tea I notice this!

My garden fence is steaming!!!

Just a little thing that fascinated me! The joys of my lockdown 🤗

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