Jigsaw gene 🧩


Wednesday 27th to Sunday 31st January

It was nice to get out for a Sunday walk to somewhere different, even though it was painful!

What do you think?!

My mum used to love doing jigsaw puzzles. She was very good at them, she used to do difficult ones – Wasgij, where you don’t actually know what the picture is going to turn out to be and also she enjoyed doing double sided ones 😱

So I’ve started one of my Christmas presents now. It sometimes frustrates me and it takes me an awful long time, I didn’t seem to get the jigsaw gene from my mum, but this one is quite fun to do featuring all the things that happened during 2020.

This is just one of the exhibitions that has been displayed in one of the Oxford University Hospitals recently.

“During this extraordinary year, art – created by, and of, staff in our hospitals – has played a really important role in our hospitals, offering gratitude, support, a release, and documenting this moment in time.”

Have a look at the photos of staff at work during the Spring 2020 peak of the pandemic, which were displayed for the #OneTeamOneOUH exhibition

Now I had some bizarre enough dreams as it is when I was very poorly in Critical Care. Some of them were about the staff that were looking after me but were all set in different unusual situations, so I dread to think what on earth I would have been dreaming about when all the staff that were dealing with me were having to wear all these awful masks and goggles and whatever 😏

Very confusing and scary for the seriously ill patients now.

Very uncomfortable and difficult times for the staff.

THANK YOU NHS – you are all quite amazing 🤩

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