Silly me 🌱


Tuesday 9th to Sunday 14th March

What to do on a warm and sunny Tuesday when you’re feeling a bit fed up?

Why not plant some pine cones 🤯

1. Go to the woods, get a pine cone.

2. Put the pine cone in a pot, so that most of it stands out.

3. Give it a small amount of water every day, as excess water will make the pine cone rot.

4. After some time, a tiny tree will appear.

5. Congratulations, they just started oxygen production and you have a piece of forest in your own home.

When I went back and read some of the comments (yes I probably should have done that first) it seems people are saying that this actually won’t work! It’s a scam!

Oh well, I’ve given it a go now 🙃 so I’ll wait and see …

So after that waste of my time 🙄 I was then a bit unwell on Friday 🤮!

But I did have a nice Mother’s Day to finish off the week 🙂


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