A leak 💦


Saturday 25th to Thursday 30th September

Birdland Park & Gardens.

Have you ever seen a headless penguin before?!

Have you ever heard flamingoes make any noise before?!

And talking of flamingoes …

Look at this giant flamingo sculpture, which is due to be completed at Tampa International Airport in America in the Spring of 2022, based on an actual underwater picture of a foraging flamingo 🦩

And on a bit of a smaller scale, here’s just two of my favourite sculptures which were to be found at Blenheim Autumn Festival.

This is Robyn’s Facebook status in 2016 …

and exactly 5 years later we have the same problem, just in a different house!

How weird is that 🤯

My brother made me get up onto the flat roof 😱 to help him while he was replacing the tiles on the main roof, it was cold and windy up there. At least I had an opportunity to get an aerial look at all of my lovely tomatoes! 🤪

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