Tomato mad 🍅


Friday 1st to Sunday 10th October

Back in April I planted some tomato seeds.

I kept them in my dining room, regularly watered them and was so pleased when they started to grow, I had loads of tiny little seedlings. Eventually I planted them out a few at a time. Many didn’t make it ☹️ but thankfully 3 survived. And they just kept on growing! as I lovingly watered them and spoke to them all through the Summer.

I was very patient – and eventually they started to give me such lovely tomatoes. But some of them just wouldn’t seem to ripen ☹️

A friend told me to put some in a paper bag with an already ripe tomato and leave in a drawer for a few days – it worked!

Then along came the warm September and October sunshine which seemed to give them a real boost, I now have loads of tomatoes and their now ripening nicely outside on the vine – in October!

I’m so proud of my perfect tomatoes 😀

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