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Jordan πŸ’™


Saturday 15th to Friday 21st May

17th May – it’s time for the easing of some more Covid restrictions. So bigger groups of up to 30 people are allowed to meet outside now, you can meet up to 6 people or 2 households inside, you’re allowed to go inside pubs and cafes to drink and eat and you’re allowed to hug people! Sadly there was no hug for me, so I took myself out and treated myself to a nice hot mug of tea and a Raspberry & Amaretti crumble cake instead!

This is how I organise things!

But at least it then means that I can always find a little bit of time to do some gardening between the showers πŸ¦‰

This is such a tragic story. This poor little boy was struck by lightning during football training 😰

I felt very thankful when I read this though – Jordan Banks’ organs donated. What an amazing gift he has left behind for 3 other children and their families. Jordan will certainly always be remembered now πŸ’™



Saturday 8th to Friday 14th May

Happy Birthday to Leah πŸŽπŸŽ‚

What a miserable day it was 🌧 compared to last year β˜€οΈ (and very annoying that the silly faulty gazebo spoilt our plans 😑☹️)

We did make it to Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens though πŸ™‚

It was finally time for me to get back out into the big wide world and go back to work. What some tough and strange times.

Mental Health Awareness Week was from 10th to 16th May.

The theme this year is Nature. β€œThe evidence is clear that access to nature is crucial for our mental health. During the long months of the pandemic, millions of us turned to nature. Going for walks outside was one of our top coping strategies.”

I know it certainly was one of mine, and has been for a good few years now πŸ‘£

Pretty dandelions


Saturday 1st to Friday 7th May

So here’s my photos from a weekend of walks πŸ‘£

From walking along the side of a canal and searching for bluebells in a wood to watching a mummy duck with her little ducklings (how cute are they?!) in a secret garden – there were some great photo opportunities!


“Although dandelions are vilified by the ‘lawn care’ industry as weeds, they are the first food in the Spring of our disappearing bees and a mainstay of bouquets picked by children for their mothers. Dandelions also are an important source of food for some birds … finches for example, disappear from feeders when dandelions go to seed. Dandelions are a sign of a safe, nontoxic lawn for your family, wildlife and pets. Long live dandelions.”

I see lots of dandelions while I’m out walking in the countryside. I’ve always thought that they are such a pretty flower, and my favourite colour yellow.

And then of course you can have some fun and do this whilst making a wish … (This was on one of my sunny walks in lockdown last year).

I love dandelions!



Friday 23rd to Friday 30th April

Now for something different.

Have a little look at this video A history of Chipping Norton

My home town 😍

My first job when I left school was in The Theatre that is featured in this little video. And among other places in the town, my mum also used to work in the Bliss Tweed Mill.

I found this old picture of the Banbury and London Roads.

So I decided to take a picture of it now. Look how things have changed.

And it may all change again soon as the building in between the two roads, our Police Station, is now empty and all boarded up. Sad to see ☹️

A ‘thank you for my flowers’ to my hospital friend Annie, they cheered me up πŸ™‚