Monthly Archives: April 2022

My Easter …


featuring Mini Eggs!

The weekend got off to a good start when I was handed this as soon as I got in from work on Good Friday!

Followed by a sunny evening walk 👣

There was time spent trying to sort out my new water feature 🤔

And then there were more yummy treats 😋

We were very lucky to have a whole Easter weekend that stayed dry and sunny ☀️ Our Bank Holiday’s usually feature rain 🌧

And I was also lucky to have so many Mini Eggs!



Canada geese

“The Canada goose is a large goose, with a distinctive black head and neck and large white throat patch. An introduced species from North America, it has successfully spread to cover most of the UK. It forms noisy flocks and is often regarded as a nuisance in areas where large numbers occur on amenity grassland and parks.”

These two were safely on the lake at Millets Farm Centre but these geese definitely can be a nuisance when walking along the side of the river in Stratford-upon-Avon. Their scary things!



I thought I’d have a look and try to find out what kind of blossom tree this was, but there’s actually so many different types it was all just too confusing! It’s pretty anyway 🌸

And now my bluebells’ are on their way …