Monthly Archives: September 2021



Monday 30th August to Friday 10th September

A cloudy August turned into a sunny September.

Had a lovely walk on one hot and sunny afternoon all across the fields around Great Tew.

Then there was a much needed ice cream sat on the bank opposite these cottages.

I just had to take a pic. My dad was a thatcher, and both of my brothers too at various times. I think it’s highly likely that my dad did some thatching work on at least one of these cottages in the past, as he worked a lot in all the local villages round about.

Here he is 😍

Feeding time 🦅

Thanks to the birds we have our very own wild ‘sunflower field’ this year, seeded entirely by the birds being very messy eaters and flicking their seeds everywhere!

Just look how many baby sunflower heads are on this plant 😱 I think it’s going to look very pretty when they all come out.

Festival time 🎶


Friday 27th to Sunday 29th August


It was such a treat 👍

It’s been two years since we last went to one, thanks to Covid 👎

The first Big Feastival was on 1st July 2011, so they were celebrating their 10th birthday this year.

The oldest annual pop music festival in the world is Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands. This started in 1970, so is just over 50 years old.

Only another 40 or so years to go Big Feastival!

I’ll be 👵 but I’ll still try and come along!

Summer days


Sunday 15th to Thursday 26th August

A day at Emma’s wedding and finding a two headed zebra at a wildlife park!

Watching paddle boarders on the river and an unexpected visit to Caffeine & Machine.

How some of my days in August have been spent.

Oh, and ‘twinning’ with Leah in Stratford 😛