Footballer Pinny?


Monday 6th to Wednesday 8th June

Well the girls had returned safely from their weekend in Scotland. Yay 🙂

Poor hardworking Leah! had to go straight back to work but Robyn had her usual Monday off. As it was going to be yet another warm sunny day, when Robyn got back from her gym and yoga session we decided to take our lunch and have a little picnic. So we drove in to Banbury, took our blanket and went and sat by the side of the canal. A lovely way to pass a couple of hours. 

Then we had the food shopping to face 😖 As the girls had been away for the weekend Leah hadn’t done her usual Saturday morning weekly shop! Now I have got out of the habit of having to do the food shopping I hate it when I do have to go, I never know what to buy, and Robyn hates taking me too as she complains that I take much too long as I always have a good look around at all the offers and everything :/ So I made sure that I was a good girl this afternoon and I just let Robyn take over and do it 🤗 I think it was a bit more successful that way!

We went back to Julie and Hannah’s then to have some tea with them in the garden as it was a lovely evening. And Leah had come along also when she had finished work. Hannah had cooked some little new potatoes and we had some cold meats and salad with it. Yummy!

On Twitter today I read about an amazing miracle that happened for these Identical Twins. Just imagine how much more difficult things would have been if the donor hadn’t been a match for BOTH of them. What an extremely difficult decision would have had to have been made …

After yesterday’s nice day, Tuesday was just spent at work. And poor Robyn had to go back to work too 💇 after her week off, which she was not particularly looking forward to.

In the evening I was taxi driver for Gary and took him to Charlbury for his Riverside Festival meeting as he is one of the organisers for that, which is coming up in July. While we were in there we could hear a massive thunderstorm going on with lots of heavy rain ⛈ and when I was driving home later the roads were steaming from where they had got so warm during the day and then all that rain had fell on them.

Wednesday and Happy 21st birthday Emma 🍾

I wasn’t feeling quite 100% today but I went to work in the morning and I don’t think I was able to do too much in the afternoon. In the evening I went with Gary to pick Emma and Jamie up and then we all went over to Gary’s mum and dad’s in Charlbury for a few nibbles for Emma’s birthday. It was yet another warm sunny evening spent in the garden. Then back to Bitter & Twisted where Emma met a friend for a birthday drink. So a late shower and bed, I needed to be up early in the morning!

Just thought I’d show you a pic of work underway on some new artwork to celebrate organ donation 🙂 

Also I wish I lived nearer to Widnes in Cheshire. I would definitely be going along to watch the Liverpool Transplant FC v #Hollyoaks football match taking place tomorrow. Following my new love of football, do you think they would let me sign up for the team Robyn? 🤔

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