Dinner in a bag :)


Tuesday 17th November

When I got to work this morning Father Christmas πŸŽ… was also there! I thought for a minute that I had missed another few weeks of my life. Surely he wouldnt arrive in his grotto until December :/ But it seems on this occasion he had. He had two elves with him as well. Despite the fact that I am definitely NOT in a Christmassy mood at the moment it brightened up a morning at work anyway. They were 3 young blokes and a few of the customers joined in with the spirit of things and asked them to sing some Christmas songs so every now and then they just burst into song, they only seemed to know 2 songs though so it did get a bit repetitive. It was very cute when the little children from one of the local nurseries came to see them. Oh I do miss my own kids being little, cant wait for the grandchildren! During the morning when it went a bit quiet Father Christmas πŸŽ… was just sitting on his posh chair and the elves were literally led on bean bags each side of him chatting. Nice job they had! Another male customer this time, told them that they needed to earn their money and they should be up dancing. So then up got Father Christmas πŸŽ… and did a little jig. Funny!

After I finished work I was going to meet my friend Jackie for a cuppa. She works in Co-op with me too but doesn’t finish until 3pm so I went ahead and sat and waited in Cafe Nero. I got myself a mug of tea and one of their special Christmas gingerbread filled muffins (as I hadn’t eaten, but sssh don’t tell Robyn :/) It was very very nice. 

Since I’ve started back at work I haven’t been in Cafe Nero. I do miss just sitting and blogging in there. A bit of a luxury that I was able to treat myself to now and then.

When I finally got back home it was time to get dinner ready. Today we were all actually going to be eating the same thing at the same time, which doesn’t actually happen too often in our house. I made one of those things where you cook everything in a bag together, so all it takes is a lot of chopping of all the vegetables and a bit of meat, add the seasoning, and then you just put it in the oven in the sealed bag and wait for it to cook. And they do always seem to turn out quite nice. For me, not being the greatest of cooks! they are great.

I heard on the TV today that storm Barney was on its way. Meaning lots of rain and strong winds. We definitely could do without that. I think I’m going to be adding to my garden path saga shortly, as the roof seems to be leaking again. We had this problem back last year and a couple of different roofers went up there but never seemed to fix the problem so my landlady eventually decided that she would get someone to do the roof. When it came down to it she only got the front of the house done. Anyway this last week we have noticed that the wall in Robyn’s bedroom is getting wetter and wetter and the damp patches are now also going much further down the wall. 

As it happened I saw my landlady today and I told her that we are having problems, so watch this space …

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