Monday 17th to Thursday 20th August

I can’t even remember what I did on Monday! Probably not much as I think I was quite tired from yesterday’s trip. Just pottered about I expect as I don’t very often just sit down and do nothing.

Tuesday was a sad day though. I went to Rosco’s funeral.

Wednesday and Thursday were home days again. I seem to be doing a lot of these at the minute. I decided to have a walk to the town and get a coffee on Thursday just to get me out of the house for a while then got a bit of shopping before walking home. Then in the evening it was walk time 👣 with some friends again!! We walked for an hour and a half this week and had a good old chat, catching up with the latest gossip! I could tell I had done this though when I got home. My feet, legs and back were really aching :/ I suppose we did walk quite a long way but it did frustrate me that night that I still struggle with some things.

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