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Peas ☹️


Wednesday 12th to Tuesday 18th August

Here I am in my lovely Co-op uniform and face shield! Back to work I go.

So after planting the seeds, watering them every day, falling into the container and hurting my leg, regularly tying them onto their support canes as they grew taller, trying to find out what was eating them and spraying them … this is what all my pea plants gave me, TWO tiny peas!!!

Maybe I should just stick to growing strawberries πŸ“

Look at this tiger πŸ…

Beautiful flowers πŸ’


Friday 7th to Tuesday 11th August

A night at the drive in πŸ“½

Blimey the weather has been SO hot! β˜€οΈπŸ₯΅

I should have been busy packing and maybe now enjoying some of this hot sunshine on the beach down in Cornwall, but unfortunately the holiday all had to be cancelled ☹️

I bet this is the seagulls in Cornwall at the minute now that all the tourists have gone back!

Look at these beautiful flowers given to me by a friend.

I think they might be my new favourite flowers πŸ’

137 days


Friday 31st July to Thursday 6th August

So at the weekend my car finally got fixed 😱

The part was fitted, the battery was taken off and got completely charged up.

And it now works!!!

Also shielding has ended.

After 137 days – FREEDOM!

During this lovely lockdown πŸ˜– I’ve had to endure a painful and swollen leg from falling into my peas! I’ve had a very painful back, there have been a few times when I’ve felt unwell (although thankfully nothing serious), I’ve spent some of the time on my own and felt rather lonely, I’ve had a broken down car for just over 3 weeks with lots of stress trying to get it fixed, and other things …

Of course there have been some good things that have happened too. I’ve been able to spend lots of time in my garden which I have really enjoyed, I’ve been on some lovely walks, and the weather has been very good to us generally.

I wonder how the rest of the year will treat us all?

There was a little trip out to visit this field of sunflowers 🌻

Remember I previously mentioned the ‘Heart at Home’ campaign, this was to thank everyone for staying home and protecting the most vulnerable.

It has now come to an end. To see all of the amazing hearts from the artists and illustrators that supported the campaign, click below.




Thursday 23rd to Thursday 30th July

I woke up as normal on Thursday morning, walked into the bathroom, there was a sudden and very painful ‘crack’ (but without the noise!) in my back. That’s the only way I can think to explain it. Ouch.

And that was that. As you will already know if you’ve ever had a bad back its extremely painful. I couldn’t walk about very easily, couldn’t sit down very easily, couldn’t lay down very easily, it wasn’t good ☹️

I rang the doctor the next day as I really needed some painkillers to help me. I am only allowed to take certain ones. I was given Tramadol – most of the following day was spent in bed! Seems like I can’t take these either, they kind of knocked me out! So I had to spend the rest of the weekend without any pain relief, I was a bit upset, my back was hurting A LOT πŸ˜–

On Monday I spoke to another doctor and got some different painkillers prescribed. These ones seemed to suit me better thank goodness.

Over the next few days I started to be able to walk easier, but still very painful.

I had a telephone appointment with the physio, apparently I’ve strained a facet joint. These usually enable your spine to flex during movement. As mine will now be inflamed it causes pain, soreness and stiffness.

So to help the recovery I have to try these things, I have to sit up straight, sit on a hard chair, try to not stay in the same position for too long, keep moving. And then it should eventually get better on its own, so I guess I just have to put up with it until then really 😏

Oh my goodness, the part for my car finally arrived, I’ve been waiting about 2 weeks for it to come into stock.

So I had a trip out to Cowley to pick it up. When I arrived the man there had no idea about it, it seems I had been told the wrong place! Luckily the correct place was on the same industrial estate so off I went – and I GOT THE PART!!!

I must just show you the lovely flower I have in my garden at the moment. I had it last year too but it seems to be doing so much better now πŸ‘

It’s a Black Velvet petunia 🌸