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Creepy spider 🕷


Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th June

With the things I had planned to do this Monday it was supposed to have been quite relaxing, but it didn’t start off too brilliantly!

I received a phone call telling me that I did not qualify to receive my Employment & Support Allowance anymore. No surprises there then. I remember telling you earlier that I didn’t think I would be successful. I don’t think I scored any points and you need to get 15. The thing is that having two liver transplants and PBC does not affect you in the way that some of the questions are asked and what you have to do. Yes I can prepare my own meals, I can lift my arms above my head, I can work out how to travel from one place to another and I can pay my own bills (well I could, but I won’t be able to now my money has stopped!!!) Those are just a few examples. But can I realistically work full time without my health being affected again?

Robyn had bought me a voucher for Christmas for a full body massage up at our local leisure centre. I had finally got around to booking it and my appointment was this afternoon. All the massages I have had in the past have all been in spa’s and have been rather gentle. This one was, shall we say, a bit more invigorating in places! Ouchy 😮 I still enjoyed it though, thanks Robyn 😗

In the evening I went back to yoga. I haven’t been for a while and it certainly was good to go back. My body really does enjoy a good old stretch.

Have a read of this article I found Yoga in midlife.

I didn’t realise there were so many different styles of yoga. I really don’t know if I would be able to stand 90 minutes at 40c heat but I do rather fancy having a go at Bikram :/

And then another thing that didn’t do much to relax me was that late on Monday night while I was sat on the end of my bed blogging, a spider, the kind with just a little body and then long skinny legs, casually came walking across me 😱 Aaaargh, made me shiver. I wonder how long that creepy thing had been crawling about on me 😖

Tuesday and Wednesday were then just boring days at work (I had a bad headache on Wednesday and my tummy felt a bit unsettled).

Although I did have a nice sunny Tuesday afternoon walk across the fields with Leah and Jack.

And on Wednesday I was lucky enough to be joined on my walk in the evening by my friend Nina. It was a warm sunny evening and we had a nice 4.63 mile walk while chatting and moaning about all kinds of things!

Both my phone and my iPad now have full memory, mainly full of all the photographs I take. This is so frustrating when I go to take a photo and it won’t let me or my tracker can’t save my miles that I have walked. I have some of the photos on my phone saved onto My Cloud storage, I really need to learn to trust it and now delete those photos from my phone to give me the much needed space. But none of my iPad photos are backed up which I know is extremely risky as I would be completely devastated if I were to lose any of my photographs 😭😭😭

Just something else to add to my list of jobs to be done. So yes I’m still stressed! 😩

Windy walk


Monday 5th to Sunday 11th June

Work, a doctor’s appointment, lunch out with some Co-op colleagues, extra hours worked for stocktaking, a Banbury shopping trip and a quick visit to the Banbury & District Show, going to watch a local band play in the Crown & Cushion and of course walking 👣 was how I spent this week and the weekend.


Physically, apart from the tiredness, I was feeling fine. Mentally not quite so good! Stressed 😩 

Half a carrot 🥕 


Saturday 3rd to Sunday 4th June

A visit from baby James this Saturday and I wasn’t home to see him 😰

I discovered that I had completely run out of my Ursodeoxycholic Acid tablets (taken to help with my PBC). The pharmacist wouldn’t just give me some more as a repeat prescription so as it was the weekend I had to ring the Out of Hours doctors’ service, I explained the situation to the person on the phone and they said that a doctor would ring me back. I eventually spoke to the doctor, he sorted the prescription and supposedly sent it to the pharmacy. But when I went to collect the tablets they hadn’t received the prescription. So I had to ring back to the Out of Hours service again and explain what had happened, they had to get yet another doctor to ring me back, he couldn’t see on the screen where the first doctor had sent it to, so he said it would just be easier to do another prescription which he did, and thankfully when I went to pick the tablets up the second time the prescription was there. What a performance and a waste of the doctors’ time really 😏

Then it was a trip to The National Herb Centre. A great place 👍

I bought a liquorice plant (because my mum used to love eating it) to go in one of the tubs in my garden. I’ll let you know how I get on with growing it 🌱

I decided to set my tracker and see how far I actually walked around the herb centre during the afternoon. It was .64 miles. Every little helps!

My friend Nina was going to be 50 tomorrow and she was having a birthday barbecue on Saturday evening. I didn’t want to miss that. We had a nice time. We sat in the garden until late, it was a bit chilly but once the outdoor heater was put to work it became much more bearable!

A visit to the garden centre in Bicester this Sunday and a bit of shopping. A stop off at a pub on the way back for a roast meal 😋

As you can see we got half a carrot 🥕 !!! Carrots are one of the cheapest things you can buy aren’t they? They couldn’t afford to give us a whole one, really … 🙃

A visit to my sister Julie’s and then a watch of ‘One Love Manchester’ which was broadcast live on BBC1 and was attended by 50,000 people! This was a benefit concert organised by Ariana Grande after the bombing which took place at her own concert two weeks earlier. 22 people were killed and more than 100 were injured there. The money raised from the concert will go to help the victims and their families. It was a good concert, artists like Coldplay and Take That performed. 

These terrorist attacks that keep on happening everywhere are just awful and very unsettling 😖

Black trainers


Tuesday 30th May to Friday 2nd June

Another week of mainly work and walking and my big toe just being so painful. I’ve had to change the shoes which I wear to work now as the boots I was wearing has a slight heel and this makes my feet hurt even more, so I now have some black trainers that I found in the back of my cupboard! A bit more comfortable 🙂 I’m definitely getting old 👵

Another week of my body just aching all the time 😩 and feeling so tired and making everything a bit harder to do.

Tuesday was a visit to Jackie for a cuppa ☕️

Some nice warm weather again this week so an extra Wednesday evening walk with Kate and Sue. A lovely sunny evening and a nice walk 👍

I made it to the John Radcliffe hospital to volunteer this week followed by a trip into Oxford for my health assessment meeting, which can you believe actually went ahead this time! Third time lucky. Somehow I don’t think I will be lucky with the result though, the way they assess you is just ridiculous and I don’t think will ever show the true effects that having PBC and two liver transplants has on you, both physically and mentally.

Of course I managed to squeeze in another bit of a walk around Oxford

and Thursday evening’s walk was up to the old airfield and back across the fields.

On Friday I just felt completely exhausted – that’s all I can say.

I found this bit of information on the Facebook page PBC Angels (Liver Disease), it comes from a clinic in America.

‘It’s not clear what causes Primary Biliary Cholangitis. Many experts consider PBC an autoimmune disease in which the body turns against its own cells.

How Primary Biliary Cholangitis develops –

The inflammation of PBC begins when T lymphocytes (T cells) start accumulating in your liver. T cells are white blood cells that are part of your immune system response.
Normally, T cells recognize and help defend against harmful invaders, such as bacteria. But in Primary Biliary Cholangitis the T cells invade and destroy the cells linings in the small bile ducts in your liver.

Inflammation in the smallest ducts spreads, in time, and destroys nearby liver cells. As these cells are destroyed, they’re replaced by scar tissue (fibrosis) that can contribute to cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is scarring of liver tissue that makes it difficult for your liver to carry out essential functions.’

Just a piece of useless information really but thought some of you might be interested to read it!!!

Nose bleed


Saturday 27th to Monday 29th May

Saturday – The 27th May, a day we call ‘Nanny’s Day’, as this was the day that my mum (obviously the girls’ Nanny) died, three years ago now 😰

We like to all do something together on this day that my mum also used to like to do, so myself, Robyn, Leah, Julie and Hannah set off for Stratford upon Avon. The weather forecast had predicted that it was going to be a reasonable day but it was unexpectedly SO SO cold. We were kind of dressed in our summer gear, so were all freezing. We had a bit of a walk about and did a little shopping, went and had a nice lunch, but that was about all we could manage 😏 Definitely no ice cream by the river for us that day! We went back to Julie and Hannah’s house and had tea and cake and watched Hannah putting feed out in the garden for all her little birdy visitors 🦅 – this is her new obsession!

I walked with Robyn to the cemetery so that she could put the lovely fabric flower that she had bought all the way back from Brazil on her Nanny’s grave 😍

Sunday – It was a nice morning. I decided to get up and go for a ‘reasonably early’ morning walk! I messaged Robyn and she said she would come with me. So I walked from Gary’s back to our house so that I could change and also meet Robyn, to find that she had a nosebleed so obviously couldn’t come. SO frustrating. Because I didn’t have a lot of time to spare and it seemed that everything which I had tried to arrange lately didn’t work out and I was completely fed up with it, I was a bit cross with her (yes Robyn, I know it wasn’t your fault and I was a bit mean to you and that you are going to write a comment about it! 😶) and I just went out on my own. What a bad mother I was 😣

It was a beautiful morning to be out walking though.

This was followed by a shopping trip to Banbury and later a barbecue 🌭

Monday – A Bank Holiday. A trip to Charlbury to Gary’s mum and dad’s for yet another barbecue, but this time a very wet one 🌧 Luckily there were two big parasols and an awning to sit under.

Lotsa walking!!!


Monday 22nd to Friday 26th May

Time to go back to my normal hours at work this week. I was feeling a little better, better than I had for the last few weeks anyway, but still not quite 100% My body was still aching a bit and I was SO extremely tired, SO SO tired 😴😴😴 It was going to be tough.

It was a nice week weather wise! ☀️

Despite how I was feeling, I managed to get a good week of walking in.

A walk with Gary over the fields, which ended up being much longer than it should have been :/ I couldn’t exactly remember where one of the paths were 🤔 so got a telling off!!! We ended up in a field where the cows were giving us evils! 😂

We thought the safer option was to turn back, I didn’t fancy being chased by a herd of cattle who were protecting their young, so we ended up walking uphill through a field of very long grass. It was very hard work and the way I was feeling I could have done without that part of the walk really. Did it though 💪

A nice walk with Robyn. We visited Pool Meadow, a place we used to go to when the girls were little. When it was nice we would take a little picnic and they would play for hours with their friends in the stream and going exploring.

Such lovely happy days they were. Robyn couldn’t resist …

After a cup of tea sat in Jackie’s garden, we took her dog Alfie out for a little walk, then as it was so nice I went straight out for another longer walk with Leah, just around and about the town.

I went to an appointment with Robyn in Witney and afterwards we went for a bit of a walk by the river there and then it was just myself and Sue for our usual Thursday evening walk this week.

Also there was a nice sunny afternoon walk with Kate.

Over 28 miles walked in these five days and as a result of all the walking, my toe is killing me 😫

I think I might have been suffering with hay fever this week as it’s been so nice, either that or my cold is back again. I have been sneezing 🤧 I don’t know how many times with a constant runny nose again.

Here’s a nice liver transplant story, a mother was able to donate part of her liver to her young daughter. Both are doing well 🙂 Amazing that just a part of the mum’s liver will regrow to fit the child. Amazing what the clever surgeons can do. Just brilliant 👌



Saturday 20th to Sunday 21st May

Saturday was a nice day spent at The Daylesford Summer Festival. A bonus for me was that I also walked just over 2 miles for my #walk1000miles challenge, just while I was enjoying myself and having a good look around at everything  🙂

It was a really good day out. I am already looking forward to going back there next year! 🤗

Sunday was a visit to Hilltop Garden Store. I think I have visited every garden centre that is reasonably near by to us over the last few weekends! I’ve never seen one of these little things ‘sunbathing’ at any of the others though!

This was followed by a walk and then a lovely meal out in the evening 😋