Monthly Archives: January 2015

Friday – Tea and shopping trip


Didn’t feel well this morning. Didn’t want to get out of bed. But was meeting my big sister for a cup of tea. So I walked into town and met her there. Had a chat. She’s going to Spain next week for a week of golf. She’s only allowed 1 suitcase of a certain size. Robyn good job your not going, you would NO WAY fit all your stuff in. She’s gonna wear her clothes on the plane apparently. Two shirts, two jumpers. Interesting 🙂 Then I called in to work to give my boss my latest sick note. He said my sickness pay had run out! So I’ve now got to try and find out about Employment Support Allowance I think it’s called. Good job I’ve still got my wits about me!!!

Then I went into a gift shop which I have a voucher for. My mum (who very sadly died in May of last year and we are all still suffering badly from it) bought it for me for either Christmas or birthday one year but I just haven’t found anything I wanted in there. This time I manage to find some earrings which match with the heart necklace Robyn bought me for Christmas from there. So I am really happy about that. They will all be very special to me now.

I just pop to the supermarket and my phone just dropped out of my hand. I smashed my case up. Think phones ok thank god or I would be in trouble. Then I go a bit wobbly and I’ve still got to walk home yet. I manage it. People just probably think I’m drunk! I probably had done too much as not feeling great and needed some food. Makes me cross tho that I can’t even manage that. But I am not gonna give in.

Thursday – Robyn and Leah


Thursday was quite a difficult day. I seemed to be upset about anything and everything.

Then Leah comes home from work and she tells me about her difficult customers or the till won’t balance or no one knows the password and she manages to solve the problem. She is a clever girl, she has a good way of thinking about things. Then sometimes she tells me about what she’s read on the Daily Mail website or do you know ‘whoever’ on Facebook, well she’s died :/ So she keeps me entertained.

Then Robyn cuts Leah’s hair and she goes from just having a tiny trim to having a fringe again. Does look nice tho.

Bit later I get upset. Think Robyn gets a bit cross with me. But she is very good with me. She talks a lot of sense to me, finds me things to do like looking up websites and things and she showed me something on the NHS Organ Donation Campaign Facebook page, a young lady who had 3 liver transplants so I don’t know why I make a fuss sometimes. She’s writing a blog too. I didn’t read all the details last night but I will be.

They both help me in very different ways and I am grateful to them both.

Here’s the little pictures for you Robyn 💆 💇 🍎 and you Leah 💻📞 🍕 I know you felt left out when I used some on a previous post for Gary and Lynda.

Wednesday – Not Costa coffee! continued


So when my ‘lovely’ daughter gets home from work she takes great delight in telling me what was in the book today that she’s reading at the minute, Liver Transplantation – What does it mean for me and my family. Apparently I am going to grow hair on my face after the transplant, which she found highly hilarious. I have always tried to make the best of myself and look fairly smart (which my niece Hannah will not agree with, because she only ever sees me in what we call ‘my benefit clothes’). So hearing this news fills me with even more dread. I guess I’m being vain but I would like to look half ‘reasonable’ again if I come through the other side of this operation. Looks like I’ll be going to her waxing appointments with her then.

We go for a drink with her friend Lucie. I have my usual tonic water, which I have been living on for what seems like years, but I had some lime and coconut in it. 🍸 Different!! So then she tells me I’m probably going to have night terrors and hallucinations while I’m in Critical Care. She sure is making me feel good today. Who gave her this b***** book!!! :/

It’s 22 mins past 10 in the evening. I’ve got to go and find some jobs to do …

Wednesday – Not Costa coffee!


Want to go to town this morning for a trip out. Weather’s awful. So while I’m waiting I clean my cooker! Eventually venture out. 

Go to a cafe in the town and this is where I am now, writing my blog. It’s very busy. There’s this mother and toddler in there and she is literally screaming at the top of her voice cos she doesn’t want to sit in the highchair. So her mum bribes her with a biscuit, even tho she has a plate of food in front of her to eat, and all is quiet – for now …

I see 2 old ‘friends’. One who offers to come and help look after me when I’m home from hospital. The other invites me to go for a coffee with her.

And there’s my post from a cafe using their wifi !!!! 😀

Monday – Wibbly wobbly


What can I say about today? 

I wasnt with it when I woke up this morning. Took me quite a while to ‘come round’ and was wobbly on my feet stumbling about!! Don’t know what that was all about.

I have plenty of things to keep me busy at home but am feeling very cut off from the normal day to day world and wonder how long I can go on like this for. I need to go out to work and earn some money and have a purpose in life again, but my doctor doesn’t recommend me to go back because he said he could notice the difference in me, from trying to work and juggle everything else, to being slightly more rested.

And that’s all I have to say about today.

Saturday – Spitroast chicken day


Nothing to report today.

Just I went out for dinner and had some Spitroast chicken which was dee-licious. And full of protein so very good for me. Gary was pleased with me for once!!!

Oh and when I got back my ‘lovely’ niece Hannah had bought me some sour sweets. I have a real obsession about these at the minute and everywhere we go I try to find something but their never sour enough. Well I couldn’t even keep these things in my mouth, they tasted like poison! I’m sure she was playing a trick on me 😏

Thursday and Friday


Feeling slightly better this morning. Was very glad about this because I was due to go for a coffee with my sister and my niece. We went into Banbury so first of all I went to sign my will. All done now, one job I can cross off my list. So coffee turned into a pot of tea and lunch and this time I did have a piece of cake Robyn as nanny would have liked. Well I ate some and got a doggy bag for the rest! We did have some funny laughing moments. Like this one – My sisters filling had dropped out the night before. Apparently it left her tooth extremely rough and it was cutting her tongue where she kept fiddling with it. So she was trying to keep a bit of chewing gum there until her appointment to get it sorted later in the afternoon. But the best bit was that the night before she got her cardboard emery board that she uses to do her nails and was trying to file her tooth down 😀 Now really? Am I the stupid one?!! Well that was my fun for Thursday.

This afternoon I had an appointment to have my Hepatitis B vaccine. Needed to help protect me through my transplant procedure and afterwards. I have to have 3 of these, once a month I think it is (unless I get ‘the’ phone call obviously). 

Maybe this weekend …