Wednesday – Not Costa coffee! continued


So when my ‘lovely’ daughter gets home from work she takes great delight in telling me what was in the book today that she’s reading at the minute, Liver Transplantation – What does it mean for me and my family. Apparently I am going to grow hair on my face after the transplant, which she found highly hilarious. I have always tried to make the best of myself and look fairly smart (which my niece Hannah will not agree with, because she only ever sees me in what we call ‘my benefit clothes’). So hearing this news fills me with even more dread. I guess I’m being vain but I would like to look half ‘reasonable’ again if I come through the other side of this operation. Looks like I’ll be going to her waxing appointments with her then.

We go for a drink with her friend Lucie. I have my usual tonic water, which I have been living on for what seems like years, but I had some lime and coconut in it. 🍸 Different!! So then she tells me I’m probably going to have night terrors and hallucinations while I’m in Critical Care. She sure is making me feel good today. Who gave her this b***** book!!! :/

It’s 22 mins past 10 in the evening. I’ve got to go and find some jobs to do …

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  1. Hi val Rio here, hope ur ok um I know it’s a bit late but I’m looking at ur different days and what u do. I hope u carry on with ur blog because I enjoy reading it. Love u Val get better soon ❤

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