Tuesday – Sneaky Pinny :)


Sneaked into Robyn’s bed again last night. Think I got a good nights sleep then. Then when she was getting ready for work first thing in the morning I think I was talking a bit of nonsense to her, I’ve finally gone mad!! 

Bit of a boring day today really, just did some jobs about the house. Oh I did go to my sisters for a cup of tea.

It seems that when I sit still for a while, especially during the evening, I start to get pain in my back and then under my ribcage. Seems to be right where my liver is. I can take this for so long then all of a sudden I just need to go and lay down, and I normally get relief from it this way. Heat packs/hot water bottles I find are also good. Don’t know if this is because I have a bit of fluid build up or whether it’s just my liver. Horrible having to live with this tho.

But I’m sure things are only going to get worse …

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