Baked Potato KitKat


Thursday 11th to Friday 12th August

Volunteer time! When I got on to the ward at the JR this morning, one of the doctors gave me the names of four patients that he thought it might be a good idea for me to visit. I went to see a couple and then I couldn’t remember the others’ names :/ I did feel stupid and annoyed with myself that I wasn’t able to remember. When I saw Mark later I told him that I was suffering with a bad back and leg on two separate occasions during the conversation! So when I also told him about not being able to remember the patients’ names as well he said to me ‘you shouldn’t be having problems with that now’ referring to the confusion that liver patients can suffer with. I hope I was just having a bad morning 😖

When I had finished my visiting I went and got myself a coffee and sat in the reception area. Who should come and sit near me – my original consultant Dr Ellis! I went over and said hello to him. He said he had just called in between visiting two hospitals as he needed to check his emails and he didn’t think anyone would recognise him here! Whoops, that didn’t quite work out to plan then did it? 😏

Unusually I had a conversation with the bus driver all the way back to the Park & Ride (normally they just grunt at you). He told me about his caravan in Weymouth, visits to other seaside places, how he’s been on scary rides with his grandaughter, he slowed the bus down to show me some building work that was going on! He told me about a bad crash that had happened locally and did I know how many Olympic medals we had won today?! It was non stop. But it did make a nice change.

I didn’t go on my walk this evening. It would just have been too painful and I don’t think it would have done me much good. I wasn’t too happy about this. I always look forward to my walks 👣

Anyone fancy a Baked Potato KitKat? Yes really! Click on the link to see what other bizarre flavours are also available 😏

Another Friday spent feeling unwell at work. Headache, nausea, tiredness and still suffering with the pain in my back 😩

And finally, for those of you that use Facebook, why not have a look at the ‘Amazing Photos in the World’ page. Some of the pictures on there are quite brilliant. But I picked this fun one to share with you!

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