Monthly Archives: July 2019

Catch up time!


Saturday 22nd to Monday 24th June

How lucky was I to go away for a weekend at the seaside 😃

Among other things there was an evening walk on Sandbanks Beach.

And a visit to Lulworth Cove, one of my favourite places. A walk up the steep hill, it was a long climb, and along the coast path to Durdle Door – ‘The magnificent natural limestone arch was formed when the power of the waves eroded the rock and forged a hole through the middle. The name Durdle is derived from an old English word ‘thirl’ which means to pierce, bore or drill.’ I can’t remember if it was 2 or 3 miles there and back 🤔 Trust me to slip on the dry dusty gravel on the way down the other side of the hill, I fell straight onto my bum and side. Ouch 🥺

When I was back at home I was very tired, my body was hurting and aching from the fall, the pretty tough walk and the busy weekend. But I had a really great time 👍