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‘Fruit’ cake


Saturday 9th to Sunday 17th June

Another lovely sunny day for the Daylesford Summer Festival again this year.

Another lovely sunny weekend.

In fact I think the whole of this time was ☀!

A bit of a stressful and busy non stop week. I was here, there and everywhere!

Robyn’s birthday was coming up so I had to fit in a bit of a difficult shopping trip as I didn’t really know what to buy for her 😖 Food shopping to be done for her birthday tea. Helping out at a coffee morning on the liver ward at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

It was the anniversary of my mum’s funeral day on Wednesday, I was a bit upset at work 😢

I finally had my appointment to see what they were going to do about my hip, after first going to the doctor about it in March 😏 I had been referred to see a specialist physiotherapist. I think because my mind was away on other things, I didn’t really get the official diagnosis! but I know that I was booked in to have some actual physio. I think it’s something to do with the tendons maybe? One of my crazy moments I guess 🤯 I will definitely ask for more details when I go for the physio!

What I do know is that the pulling and prodding made my hip hurt even more for the rest of the day 😖

As the weather has been so nice, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening I went on some longer walks. As a result my big toe has become even more painful. I can’t wait for my podiatry appointment to see if they can sort this problem out, I really must concentrate for that! So, very annoyingly, I didn’t go for the usual Thursday evening walk, I think it would have been just too much. Not much rest though, I was having a bit of a tidy and getting things ready for Robyn’s birthday.

The 15th June – Happy 26th Birthday to Robyn 😀

All at work again, so a little birthday tea in the evening.

Look at the amazing ‘fruit’ birthday cake that Julie and Hannah made for her.

Then lucky me, Saturday night = curry😋

A strawberry 🍓


Friday 1st to Friday 8th June

Worked a bit of overtime 😖 Think of the money!

A trip to the tip.

I must just say that on the 2nd June I was VERY excited to see that I had grown my very first strawberry! 🤗

A coffee with my sister ☕️

An early Sunday evening trip to the pub to watch some live music, something which I don’t think has been done for a while. We got some food after. My favourite flatbread.

Delicious 😋

Then a little bit of entertainment for us outside the window of the pub, a lady abandoned her car right in the middle of the main road through the town, she was very drunk apparently 😱

We’ve still been having some nice weather, been walking as much as I can fit in 👣

Sometimes it’s amazing what you see!

Oh and I got locked out! Robyn had left the house last in the morning, in a rush but probably also just in her other world that she lives in! (Hello Robyn 😂)

When I got back from work my key wouldn’t fit in the lock. I went to a nearby friend’s for a cuppa and waited for Robyn to return (luckily she wasn’t at work, she had been on her course, so was coming home earlier than usual). She said that her key wouldn’t fit in the lock this morning either, so as she was in a rush she just left it! We discovered that in fact a key had been left in the other side of the lock 😣 I went over to a neighbours, asked if he had a ladder which he kindly brought over, and I sent Robyn over the fence to open the back door 🤪

Luckily I had that key on my key ring too, so I got inside just in time to immediately change out of my work clothes and go straight back out for my pre-arranged walk! No time for relaxing!

Nanny’s Day 😍


Saturday 26th to Thursday 31st May

27th May 2014, the day we lost our amazing mum/nanny 😰

Now on this day every year, which we have named Nanny’s Day, we go and do something that my mum would enjoy 🙂

This year was a visit to Thirsty Meeples Board Game Cafe in Oxford.

When we all still lived at home we often played board games together. Playing cards too. (I never remember my dad playing, I reckon he used to have a little nap on the sofa!) I think this was something that came from my mum’s side of the family as I remember playing cards with my nan and grandad too when we went to stay with them 😍

We sat down at our table. Straight away my sister noticed that on the shelves right in front of her was Mine a Million, one of the favourite games that we used to play a lot of the time. Can you believe that? It seems it was meant to be 😳

Luckily my sister remembered the rules of the game which made things a bit easier.

Hannah was the winner, she made her million dollars first 💵

31st May – the month ended with tremendous thunderstorms that went on for hours! I went to bed late, the rain and thunder had finally stopped but the lightning was still lighting up the whole sky ⚡

Of course we had been out for our usual Thursday evening walk! We started off in the dry but then the storm soon arrived. So much rain was coming down that the drains just couldn’t clear it. We all got soaked to the skin. It was fun though!

I could have rung out my socks when I got back, I have holes in my trainers 😱

We then had a fun evening. I led with Leah on her bed listening to her music and watching and listening to the storm while Robyn was naked on the landing sorting out her bags before getting in the shower 🤣

Hurting and itching


Monday 14th to Friday 25th May

Nothing remarkable to report!

Apart from the fact that we were all hurting like crazy after our water park adventures. What a great workout it must have been 💪

And I was suffering badly after being bitten while waiting to get into the water. 5 bites on my right leg and 4 on my left. Just SO incredibly itchy and then sore when I did scratch them 😖 I didn’t sleep very well at all. I was putting cream on them and I started taking my antihistamine tablets again, but I didn’t really get much relief.

I had a bit of an encounter late one night with a giant spider 🕷 Luckily before I had actually got into bed I saw it crawling across some of my clothes. I attempted to squash it but was not successful, it dropped onto the floor and ran under my bed. I thought what on earth am I going to do now, it’s going to just crawl back out and all over me during the night! I’m going to have to go and sleep on the sofa. Then I thought I’ll just have a poke about under the bed first to see if it comes back out and it did! I still wasn’t quick enough to squish it. It ran off somewhere else, I couldn’t find it, but it was obviously still on the loose in my bedroom. Oh my goodness 😳 I was very brave in the end and just got myself into bed and told myself that I must just forget about it. But I haven’t – every single time I go in there I am having a bit of a look about waiting for this dreaded 🕷 to appear again …

We’ve been lucky with the weather and had some nice sunny days ☀

I’ve been spending as much time in the garden as I can. From planting seeds to clearing the giant weeds that my garden seems to be good at growing. Good job satisfaction when it’s first finished though 👌

I’ve been on some nice walks.

I enjoyed watching the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle but I think I enjoyed watching the FA Cup Final even more! (even though it was the wrong result in the end as Chelsea beat Manchester United 😏)

I’ve hoovered out the inside of my car. And I had to do a deal with Gary that he would wash the outside of mine if I hoovered the inside of his! Hungry work – I think we both enjoyed the barbecue in the evening 🍔🥗