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7 needles 💉


Monday 31st July to Friday 4th August

On Monday afternoon I went over to Charlbury to help to clear away some of the leftovers from the Riverside Festival. I also went for a walk around there, and got a little lost for a while in the surrounding fields.

Tuesday was work which was very sadly followed by attending a friend’s funeral 😥

Wednesday was work.

I went to have my blood taken on Thursday. (Birmingham had requested this so that they could check my tac level as it had been quite high recently and my tablets had been reduced as a result). But what a performance that turned out to be. The nurse tried 4 times!!! and could get nothing so then I was transferred to wait for another nurse so that she could have a go! She was lucky on her 2nd attempt, but then after reading some notes on her computer decided she really needed some more blood for another test that should have been done. I just told her to do it and get it all over and done with, I didn’t want to have to come back again. Luckily she was successful straight away that time.

After the stress of having 7 needles in my arms, and feeling quite sore, I thought I deserved a stop off at Caffè Nero on my way home, for a much needed coffee ☕️ 

Friday was work followed by an afternoon of packing and sorting ready for my holiday 🏖

Graduation 🎓


Saturday 29th to Sunday 30th July

A weekend spent at Riverside Festival in Charlbury.

I didn’t actually take many photos 😏 so I’ve pinched the following one from the Riverside Facebook page! 😱 Yes I too was stood watching The Standard in the rain ☔️

We had a brief break from the festival on the Saturday. We went to Robyn’s graduation from her Level 2 Counselling Skills course 🎓

Proud mummy 👍😍



Monday 24th to Friday 28th July

This week was just a repeat of last week, working and walking 👣

(I’ve started working extra hours now to try and get a little more money coming in, so an earlier start for me in the mornings 😏😴)

An appointment with Robyn to have my hair done and of course a little trip to Caffè Nero! ☕️ and that was about it for the week.

I’m feeling mainly well physically at the moment, my problem right now seems to be my state of mind!

Look what happens to our hormones during perimenopause. Maybe this is some of the reason why I feel SO odd at times lately 😏 Roll on my next appointment with my consultant from the John Radcliffe Hospital concerning all of this, although my GP has already told me that because I am not ‘normal’ they would probably not be happy themselves to give me HRT if it was decided that this was what I needed, I will need to be referred to another specialist …

Just in case you would like to have a look at some further information explaining the differences between menopause and perimenopause as there does seem to be some general confusion about them, then please click on the link and have a read!

A Punjabi curry


Tuesday 18th to Sunday 23rd July

The weekdays were spent mainly working and walking!!! (On one of these walks I can remember getting very very wet ☔️ 🌧 😞)

I’ve been in a bit of an unhappy mood all week really and then along comes Thursday to upset me even more :/ It would have been my mum’s birthday 😰 Robyn made me a cup of tea in the morning in my special mug. We all miss her SO much.

Happy Birthday Mum 💐😍

On Saturday myself and Gary set off to Oxford for a shopping trip. Then we came across this.

Whoops! The breakdown truck seems to have encountered a problem of its own 😱

So as we were first in line we sat and watched all the goings on. A bit of a different and fascinating way to spend some of Saturday afternoon!

I really don’t know how long it has been, but in the evening it became a curry Saturday!!! 

A Punjabi curry of chicken, carrots, sweet potato and cauliflower served with rice, a mushroom Bhaji and a tarka Dahl. Just 😋

Sunday afternoon was a walk in the grounds of Blenheim Palace. You can just about make it out in the background along with the rather tall (41m or 134 ft) Column of Victory, which has a statue of the first Duke of Marlborough stood on the top!

Just to keep you up to date with things – my Vitamin B12 blood result is now back to normal, yay no more injections for that hopefully.

And on Thursday I had a phone call following my clinic visit at the QE, to say my tac level result was too high and could I please reduce to only take 1mg morning and night now. Maybe I won’t be taking any at all soon! (I will need to go for a blood test in a couple of weeks to check what my level is doing).