MK Dons v Brighton


Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th March

Gary had suggested going to Milton Keynes today for something different to do so off we went. We went into the retail park there first to find something to eat. We very soon discovered there was going to be a football match there today as it is all right next to the stadium. I think we had luckily just timed it right to get a car parking space and to find an empty table to get some food! 

We went in to TFI Fridays. I had some great food.

Chicken, bacon, cheese, rocket and tomato in ciabatta with some tasty fries. The restaurant and bar very quickly filled up with the away football fans arriving in their coaches, wanting some refreshment before the match started. They were from Brighton. You can see some of them in their blue and white football kit. Every now and then they would start shouting ‘seagulls, seagulls’ which is their football team’s nickname. Quite an amazing atmosphere. The security guards were out in force!

When we went outside there were people everywhere. We walked around the outside of the stadium and on our way back round we came across a crowd that were waiting to see their team arriving, they cheered as each player got off the coach.

I found it all quite fascinating and it was helping to lift me out of my weird mood. I have never been to a football match before. Gary is a football fan so it is on the TV quite often when I’m at his house and I do really quite enjoy watching it. 

We then went to have a look around IKEA and a big Asda store, which again are right next door. We could still hear the cheering and chanting. When we left the shops the football had almost finished so we sat in the car and waited for them all to start pouring out. The police were there on horseback. It was funny to watch, a few people at a time started to come out first and they were all literally running to their cars (obviously they had all been before and knew what was coming!), and then all the crowds came. Coaches and cars everywhere, all trying to leave the car park at the same time. Long queues 🚗🚙🚌🚕🚐

And the result – MK Dons 1  Brighton 2 

I know a lot of you will find this weird but I had enjoyed today!

Sunday wasn’t as exciting. A day spent both at Gary’s and at my house catching up with a few things.

This funny photo came up on one of the girls’ phones on their Facebook Timehop. It was a day when they were all coming up together to visit me in hospital last year. They certainly kept me going with their visits and gave me things to look forward to. I used to get hand, feet and leg massages. They used to bring me lots of different food, drink, sweets and fruit to try and tempt me into eating things. They played me music. They told me if anything was happening back in Chippy. I know I was extremely lucky to have all the great support that everyone gave to me.
I am so proud of what Robyn and Leah did while I was away from them in hospital for so long. Apart from all the worry they had to cope with about me, they also had the house to look after. The shopping, trying to arrange and prepare their meals, the washing up etc, organising to pay the rent and if any bills had come in the post, their own washing and of course mine, they still went to work and also had to arrange any days off of work they were allowed so that they could visit and if neither of them could make it they always arranged a different visitor for me. And from where we live it’s not just a quick trip to Birmingham, sometimes just one way would take 2 hours if the traffic was bad. They knew everything that was going on with me, always asking the doctors and nurses for the latest information and could read the various machines I was hooked up to so they knew what it all meant. They put up with me, which was probably the hardest part of it all, when i was in my ‘crazy’ phase, they told me off, they told me what I needed to do, they encouraged me to do things. I don’t think I would have made it through if it wasn’t for them.

I know I am extremely lucky to have two such extremely brave and very clever daughters. 

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