Escaped peas 


Monday 21st to Tuesday 22nd March

This morning Robyn, Leah, Julie, Hannah and me! set off to the Lygon Arms hotel in Broadway. We were going to have the spa day that I had bought everyone for Christmas.


We all got straight into the jacuzzi. It was so hot to get into at first, just lovely. Then we all joined in with the other ladies who were doing the aqua aerobics class. It was great fun. We also did a bit of swimming, messed around in the pool and got ourselves a complimentary tea or coffee while we just sat about relaxing on our lounger chairs. At this point me and Hannah would have really liked a bit of chocolate or some biscuits to go with our drink! but they didn’t have any anywhere 😠 Note to myself, I must remember to take some snacks with me on my next visit to a spa!!! Then it was time for lunch. We went through to the restaurant in our robes and slippers, getting a few funny looks from the other hotel residents! We had to wait rather a long time for our meals to come which was a bit disappointing as we only had a certain amount of time. I did enjoy mine when it arrived though, I had chosen fish and chips. It came on one of those wooden boards that meals often seem to come on now when you eat out. I think the waitress must have tipped it just too much as the little pot of peas came sliding off and went everywhere, mainly all over the restaurant floor 😂 Poor lady! And Julie and Hannah only just had time to finish their last mouthful before they had to rush back to the spa for their treatments. We were all having the same – a back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a facial. They were spread out at different times through the afternoon though as they didn’t have enough therapists to do us all at once.

We all then had a final shower and got back into our normal clothes. I did feel quite refreshed and it was nice to be finally dry again! Hannah, Julie and me were finished first so we went back through to the hotel and had a cup of tea while we were waiting for the other two. Hannah had already been out to one of the shops on the high street and bought us some little shortbread biscuits. Yes, at last! Yummy 🙂

A nice day, but then it was time to go back to reality :/

Also a reasonably relaxing day with just a little bit of exercise too, but I was exhausted 🙃

So then Tuesday was back to a normal day of work and home.

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