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Wednesday 25th to Thursday 26th May

No work for me this morning. I was having a trip out to the Churchill Hospital in Oxford for a follow up appointment from my mole being removed.

Good news. Everything was fine and the result is that it wasn’t cancerous. Just a ‘build up of cells’ I think was the way they explained it to me πŸ˜€

The problem I did have though was still with the wart on my lip. Yes it was still there, no it still hasn’t dropped off! It was starting to annoy me now. So I asked yet again if something could be done about it and yet another doctor came and had a look. He said that they would cut it off for me as the cryotherapy had already been done twice and hadn’t worked. I couldn’t bear the thought of having to come back yet again as there’s always a big issue for me of trying to get the time off from work, so I asked if they would be able to do it today. Always worth a try! The doctor said if I was prepared to wait, they would fit me in as he would like to get it removed for me today if they could. 

So I decided to go off and get something to eat as obviously that might be a bit more difficult after I had the procedure. I went to the League of Friends cafe and had a freshly made cheese salad roll and a mug of tea. It was really good actually! I sat and did a bit of blogging and then I got the call to go back. Much earlier than I had expected, not too long a wait at all.

I was a bit scared. As it was on my face I was wondering what I was going to come out looking like 😏 I ended up having the same doctor who had removed my mole so she remembered me! She was very good. I find her voice very gentle and soothing, and even tiny things like that help I think. Well it helps me anyway! It hurt a lot when she put the anaesthetic in but then obviously I felt nothing.

The nurse put some tape over it which I have to keep on for 48 hours. I’m not allowed to get it wet for that length of time either. I also wasn’t allowed to drink anything hot for a while as my mouth was numb.

I then waited around for a bit longer as Gary was on his way up to the hospital. He was bringing his mum, so they could visit his dad, who was in another part of the hospital following an operation, so we met up and I went with them too.

So a whole day spent in the Churchill Hospital for me!

My day off, Thursday, was a day of jobs. I needed to resist the temptation of taking myself out for a coffee and a blogging session. I had a lot to be getting on with. Loads of washing and a bathroom that needed a good clean as well as a sort out of all the hundreds of almost empty shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and goodness knows what other bottles that are left all around the bath 😱

I had almost decided that I was going to do the car boot sale on Sunday so I thought I had better start to get it all ready properly in case my final answer to myself was ‘yes’!!! So the lovely Hannah called in on her way back from work to help me load it into my car and then I drove along with it all, so that Julie and Hannah could give me their advice as to what price to put on things πŸ™‚

I finished all this just in time to get back home and then go straight out again for my evening walk πŸ‘£ (3 miles it was this week). We were lucky to have another warm sunny evening. We walked all across the fields and could look down on our lovely town.


After we had made our way back into the town and were coming up a lane round the back of the church, we came across a young girl trying to push her dad in a wheelchair, but they were completely stuck in the mud. They also had 3 little dogs with them getting all tangled. We offered to give the girl a push to help them out and ended up pushing the wheelchair all the way back to her house! Well two of the group did, the other two (which included me!) looked after the dogs. It was very hard work for them – apparently he weighed 18 stone, they were very friendly and chatty!!  They were both very grateful, I really don’t know what the girl would have done if we hadn’t come along πŸ™ƒ This photo doesn’t look too bad, it is on the flat and nearly back to the house, but we had just come up two steep hills!!!

Well that was a good deed done for the day wasn’t it. Something different to add to our walk this evening. I don’t know, the things we seem to get up to πŸ˜‚

Here’s a bit of reading for you, click on Liver donors. I find it very interesting that you can be affected in different ways for many years to come, when you were being extremely kind to donate in the first place. Thank goodness more than 90% said they would make the same decision again.

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