In the paper


Monday 23rd to Tuesday 24th May

My clinic appointment in Birmingham today. I haven’t been for two months, I think it is.

A bit of extra excitement for today though. My story has been put in the news@QEHB newspaper and I was hoping to get my own hard copy of it from the hospital.

So me and Robyn visited our ‘picnic bench’ as always before my appointment time. Then we made our way to the waiting room. Two ladies who were sat on the chairs right beside us had a copy of the hospital newspaper, were reading my story and we could hear them chatting about it! It has quite a big picture featured in it of me with Robyn and Leah (Robyn is surely quite distinctive with her bright orange hair!). But they didn’t seem to realise that they were sitting right next to us! It was VERY funny. I guess we should have maybe said ‘hello, look that’s us in that picture’ – I don’t know 😏 But then what made it even funnier was that a lady came and sat down opposite us, took out the paper and we could see that she was reading it too 😱 Bit of entertainment for us anyway.

I got weighed and had my blood pressure taken. I went in to see the doctor and had a chat. That took about 5 minutes. Then I had my blood taken. And that’s it (You only hear from them afterwards if your blood results come back not as good as they should be). I am normally waiting longer to be seen than to do those three things put together! I am wondering if they will soon transfer my care to my consultant at Banbury now as everything is going so well. When that happens, I know it will feel so very strange, I will miss my trips there and I will probably get upset about it (that place has played such a major important part of my life). But I will also realise that it’s happening for a very good reason – I am better 🤗

After the trip out yesterday, Tuesday was just a day at work and at home.

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