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Veg prep


Monday 23rd to Tuesday 24th November

Monday morning again and I didn’t feel that great. I felt quite sick at times, my body didn’t want to work and I was very very tired. As a result of a busy weekend shopping and probably staying up much later than I should be doing? I don’t know, all that probably didn’t help though :/ I hate it when I have these days, it really annoys me.

Off I went into Banbury with Robyn. We had some food shopping to do! Then we decided to stop off somewhere and find a jacket potato for our lunch. Well Robyn took me to this cafe she had been to a few times before apparently. I didn’t like the look of it :/ but went ahead and ordered because she told me it was nice. I actually didn’t know if it would be a good idea to eat or not because of the way I was feeling, but I also know it’s not good for me to go without food either, so I decided to try. Surprisingly for me they were quite nice when they arrived. Robyn soon polished hers off but in the end I could only manage a little of mine. The waitress was funny, she kind of told us off for not eating the salad that came with it, she said to say next time that we didn’t want the salad, and she told me to perhaps next time order the childrens’ jacket potato as they are quite filling!!

With an aching tummy, we then went to look around a new retail park that has recently opened in the town. Robyn managed to find herself quite a few new clothes again, I kind of walked about in a bit of a trance not really being able to concentrate on anything too much :/ Glad when we had finished.

Off to work this morning, Tuesday. Felt a little bit better but was still very very tired. Work went fine. I had arranged to cook for us all today, although Robyn was having fish instead of sausages and at a different time, and I was going to do a chicken casserole tomorrow in the slow cooker, so I spent quite a long time stood in the kitchen, preparing loads of veg etc. cooking and then lots of washing up. Just completely exhausted and aching all over by the time I had finished. Sounds silly I know, but true. A tiring day.

Singing stars


Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd November

This morning Gary thought he should make a start on his Christmas shopping and I agreed with him. Well, I agreed that it does really need starting but I just can’t get my head round to thinking about it and actually doing it. I think I’m becoming a bit of a Bah humbug. I traipse round the same old shops weekend after weekend looking at the same old stuff and not knowing what to buy anybody. It drives me mad. And it definitely doesn’t help that I can only seem to walk around for about an hour at the moment and then my body has had enough 😦

Anyway that’s enough of my moaning, time to go shopping! We went to Swindon today and to one of those massive Asda Walmart stores. We both managed to get a few odd bits but nothing major :/

In the evening I was at Gary’s when Leah decided to FaceTime me! Robyn soon decided to get in on the act, I think X Factor was on the TV and they both decided to have a sing and dance around with a pair of pants on their head.

image   image

Look great don’t they? πŸ˜‚

On Sunday in Australia it was #DonateLifeThankYouDay

What a great idea and very clever too. I would have loved to have been able to be on that beach and to have signed that book.

What I was doing instead was going shopping with Gary and Robyn. I did suffer today walking around. My back was so painful I wanted to cry, I don’t know why it was being so bad today. When we had finished we went to Costa and I had a coffee and a really lovely mince pie from there. That cheered me up a little bit! That was until I discovered that I had left both my iPad and my phone in the car. The other two were straight on theirs, I was left sat there twiddling my thumbs! :/



Friday 20th November

My ‘morning at work’ day! All seemed to go fine.

I had decided that I was going to make myself some pasta and roasted vegetables for my dinner. Robyn didn’t want any, I can’t remember what she had instead now! Leah couldn’t have the sauce I was using as she’s following the Slimming World diet at the moment (and doing really well on it πŸ˜€) so she came up with this idea …

She was going to use her Slimming World spicy lentil soup as the sauce to go on her share of the pasta, then she added her favourite frozen mixed veg at the minute which is carrots, peas, sweetcorn and green beans! She then cooked mushrooms, shredded some ham, mixed it all together and sprinkled some cheese over the top.

Strange food mix, but this is how it turned out in the end.


Doesn’t actually look too bad does it? And she said it was really quite nice.

Just to say that on Thursday evening we had jacket potatoes for dinner and Leah had cheese, ham, baked beans and then again, her favourite mixed veg with it. Despite all these funny (well to me anyway) food combinations she is doing really really well on her diet at the minute. I wonder what she will come up with next …

I know it sometimes sounds from some of my blog posts like my life at home is quiet and not much happens. But always going on in the background of what I’m telling you about is the normal day to day life of living with two daughters! And this is just the food side of it! They both work full time and finish at different times. So mealtimes are sometimes difficult. Robyn won’t eat certain things, Leah now can’t eat certain things and I have to make myself eat as my appetite is poor (although I have been eating more ‘proper’ meals over the last couple of months :/

So normally between 6-8pm in our kitchen is a crazy time. Sometimes there are 3 separate meals being prepared and cooked at various stages, Radio 1 is on so sometimes there may be a bit of singing or dancing, our dog Jake is around everyone’s feet waiting for his tea or for things to be dropped on the floor, Jack (Leah’s boyfriend) comes in, and sometimes Tom (Robyn’s boyfriend). Tales about their days at work or any gossip are told. Funny debates about the news. 

And before all this, during the day, we have the text messages. What we having to eat later, what shopping is needed, who’s getting it, ‘I haven’t got any money’ ‘I can’t carry all of that back from work’, ‘how many calories/syns/fat is in that’ etc etc.

Chaos. But I would hate it any other way πŸ€—

Fresh eggs


Wednesday 18th to Thursday 19th November

Wednesday and Thursday were both just spent at home again. I’m just going about all my jobs feeling exhausted so taking my time, but with a massively aching body as things have to be done!

Robyn wasn’t feeling too great either. Tom has a viral infection so I’m guessing she has the same kind of thing. She carried on at work though too. What heroes!!

Jack has some chickens in his mums’ garden so he brought us over 6 eggs. They were so fresh they were bright yellow and they produced a lovely omelette which Leah made for me on Wednesday.

On Thursday I decided to ring my energy supplier as I have had the meters changed recently and it has taken them absolutely ages to sort everything out. I rang and explained everything to one man, got cut off so rang again. The lady couldn’t find out who I had originally spoke to, so I had to go through it all again with her. Then when she had finished I had to wait another 10 minutes to be transferred to a different department. I was timing all of this on my phone and it actually took just over an hour. I was so fed up at the end, but at least (I hope) we had finally managed to sort everything. Then, later in the evening, I checked the details on the email they had sent and I had to join what they call ‘my account’ so I tried and it now wouldn’t accept the password I was putting in. So I then had to have an online chat with another one of their people. He was very good and soon sorted that out for me. But what a performance, surely it didn’t need to take that long? :/

Today is normally my walk day but my friend text to say she probably wouldn’t be back from a hospital appointment in time, so I just carried on doing things and ended up having my dinner later. Then later she text to say she was back and did I want to go, but I was still eating so couldn’t really. Aaaargh, that’s always how things seem to turn out for me. Most annoying because I enjoy my walk and good old gossip!

Dinner in a bag :)


Tuesday 17th November

When I got to work this morning Father Christmas πŸŽ… was also there! I thought for a minute that I had missed another few weeks of my life. Surely he wouldnt arrive in his grotto until December :/ But it seems on this occasion he had. He had two elves with him as well. Despite the fact that I am definitely NOT in a Christmassy mood at the moment it brightened up a morning at work anyway. They were 3 young blokes and a few of the customers joined in with the spirit of things and asked them to sing some Christmas songs so every now and then they just burst into song, they only seemed to know 2 songs though so it did get a bit repetitive. It was very cute when the little children from one of the local nurseries came to see them. Oh I do miss my own kids being little, cant wait for the grandchildren! During the morning when it went a bit quiet Father Christmas πŸŽ… was just sitting on his posh chair and the elves were literally led on bean bags each side of him chatting. Nice job they had! Another male customer this time, told them that they needed to earn their money and they should be up dancing. So then up got Father Christmas πŸŽ… and did a little jig. Funny!

After I finished work I was going to meet my friend Jackie for a cuppa. She works in Co-op with me too but doesn’t finish until 3pm so I went ahead and sat and waited in Cafe Nero. I got myself a mug of tea and one of their special Christmas gingerbread filled muffins (as I hadn’t eaten, but sssh don’t tell Robyn :/) It was very very nice. 

Since I’ve started back at work I haven’t been in Cafe Nero. I do miss just sitting and blogging in there. A bit of a luxury that I was able to treat myself to now and then.

When I finally got back home it was time to get dinner ready. Today we were all actually going to be eating the same thing at the same time, which doesn’t actually happen too often in our house. I made one of those things where you cook everything in a bag together, so all it takes is a lot of chopping of all the vegetables and a bit of meat, add the seasoning, and then you just put it in the oven in the sealed bag and wait for it to cook. And they do always seem to turn out quite nice. For me, not being the greatest of cooks! they are great.

I heard on the TV today that storm Barney was on its way. Meaning lots of rain and strong winds. We definitely could do without that. I think I’m going to be adding to my garden path saga shortly, as the roof seems to be leaking again. We had this problem back last year and a couple of different roofers went up there but never seemed to fix the problem so my landlady eventually decided that she would get someone to do the roof. When it came down to it she only got the front of the house done. Anyway this last week we have noticed that the wall in Robyn’s bedroom is getting wetter and wetter and the damp patches are now also going much further down the wall. 

As it happened I saw my landlady today and I told her that we are having problems, so watch this space …

Dodgy music!


Saturday 14th to Monday 16th November

What to do today?! In the afternoon I went shopping with Gary, to Witney for a change this time. I didn’t really need to buy anything though so we just wandered about for a while and then came back! 

In the evening we went down to our local pub to watch a band play. They weren’t really my thing, thankfully they did get a bit better as the night wore on. It was okay but not the best night out I’ve had :/ !!!

On Sunday we went back to the Blue Boar in the early evening to watch some more music. This time just a man on his keyboard singing and a drummer. We have seen him before and he was good. Dare I say, much more enjoyable than the night before :/ It’s also a lot more relaxed in the pub on a Sunday evening rather than a Saturday night too. Quite a nice time to go out.

A bit unusual for us to go out twice in a weekend though! πŸ™„ But that’s just the way the music worked out. I think there’s a weekend coming up in December when there’s bands that we like on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday πŸ€—

Back around to Monday again and Robyn’s day off. We had both had a bit of a stressful weekend in different ways, so just wanted to do something nice together!

My friend Nina rang me first thing this morning to say she had a present for me. So she called round on her way to work and gave me a chocolate sponge cake that she had made to celebrate me being able to go back to work! How kind of her, and just what I needed to cheer me up a bit. Can’t wait to try a bit later. 

Anyway me and Robyn just ended up going shopping to Cowley in Oxford in the end.

Robyn was a bit wary of this as since the terrorist attacks in Paris she doesn’t want any of us to go out to any nearby cities. I guess it’s understandable but we can’t all just stay at home just in case can we? Hannah feels the same as Robyn, but Leah is, as always, a bit more relaxed about it all. It is awful though that we now all have that fear, everybody not just my family, of being caught up in an attack somewhere, as all we are doing is trying to go about our normal daily lives, and it maybe now makes us think twice before we do something. What about all those Christmas shopping trips we are all going to need to be making very soon? 

We had a good time shopping anyway. I think we both managed to get a few little things for Christmas presents. We stopped and had a jacket potato for our lunch in a little cafe and then it was food shopping time. Robyn’s favourite part of her day off – not 😱

When we got back I then had to go to my appointment to get my flu jab. My GP really wanted me to have it before I started back to work but I haven’t been well enough until recently to have it, and then I had to wait until they could fit me in. I never used to bother about having things like this and maybe now you would think that I should be used to injections but I hate having anything at all done to me now. It went ok, was over in a second, just gave me a bit of a sore arm for the rest of the evening.

Healthy nibbles


Thursday 12th to Friday 13th November

Just another day spent in the house really. Hoovering I think. That was a bit of a challenge. Especially as I shouldn’t really have been doing too much so that I would be fit enough for my walk 🚢Yes the ladies were back from their holidays. They both had great times, lucky things.

Friday morning and work was busy. I made sure I found time to pay my deposit and choose my food for my work’s Christmas meal though!!

After everyone had finished work Robyn, Leah, Jack and me went along to Julie and Hannah’s to have some healthy nibbles (as Leah, Julie and Hannah are following the Slimming World diet at the minute and are all doing really well on it πŸ˜€) and to watch Children in Need with them for a while. Just a lot of silly chatter seemed to be going on though and not much watching of the tv!!

And then we all found out about the terrible things that were going on in Paris.

Two minute silence


Tuesday 10th to Wednesday 11th November

Up for work. Seemed to go fine today. On every shift I’m there I seem to meet a few more of my old customers saying that it’s real good to see me back and how I look so well now. Although this is a great thing it can have its disadvantages, because everyone thinks im now completely back to normal when I’m not :/ Everyone is being very kind I know and it is good to see them. I was still very very tired when I got back home though.

Wasn’t much rest for me though as i was reminded at work again that I was supposed to be going out tonight for a meal for one of the girls’ birthdays. So I got ready and off I went. To Bitter & Twisted, a pub in the town. I had a flatbread which I have had from there before with haloumi, sweet potato, red onion etc on it. I always enjoy that.

Wednesday was a day at home doing jobs as I haven’t been around much over the last few days again. Think this is how my week is going to plan out now, rather boring and I get fed up with doing it all at times but I think that’s just the same as everybody does.

I did stop at 11am for the two minute silence.

I don’t seem to be feeling in a great mood at the moment. I feel quite stressed at times. I know that because I never feel 100% that’s probably having an effect on me and as I have just gone back to work that is another big change in my life which is quite hard and is maybe affecting me more mentally than I realise. It’s so different from what has happened to me and what I have been used to over the last 12 months. It’s made me realise even more that we really don’t know what is going on in other peoples’ lives. Some people can’t wait to talk about their own experiences and over the last few years, when my customers at work have seen me looking quite ill, we have talked about how their feeling, their medication, hospital visits etc. But otherwise we just all seem to go about our business, rushing from one thing to another until, maybe, if your unlucky enough, something hits you or a member of your family or a close friend or work colleague. And thats when things all change.

So, sometimes, when I’m at work and have no customers at my till, I sit and watch people wandering about just doing their shopping, and I wonder …

Clinic again


Monday 9th November

Time to go to Birmingham for clinic again today. When you go to clinic they always take your blood and for this reason you are not supposed to take your anti-rejection tablets in the morning so they can check the tacrolimus levels in your blood. As I’m trying so hard at the minute to try not to forget my tablets because I’m out of my routine with going back to work, I completely forgot that I shouldn’t and actually took mine this morning. The doctors don’t mind too much, they make allowances for the results they get, but it did actually make me feel quite frustrated with myself for getting it wrong and I got a bit of a telling off from Robyn 😦 so not a good start to the day.

Can you believe someone else was sat on our ‘picnic bench’!! So we had to sit opposite it today :/ Robyn had her organised pack lunch, I had a latte and an orange and cranberry muffin from Costa, which actually wasn’t particularly that nice 😦

After being weighed and having my blood pressure taken, eventually it was time to see my consultant. I told him I was still suffering with joint pain after taking the extra vitamins for a month, so they obviously weren’t causing the problem. Now he says it might be a side effect of the anti-rejection medication so he’s now reduced that by 1mg a day. Have to wait another month now to see if that does anything. I told him that my Reynauds had also come back (this is when the blood flow doesn’t get to your fingers, toes etc. when it’s cold). And it’s not just because the winter is now coming, last year when I was very ill I didn’t actually have any problems with Reynauds! In my humble opinion I think I may have got all these problems because I have stopped taking my steroids after being on them for many years and I told him this, but at the minute he doesn’t agree with me. Or maybe it’s because of the aziathioprine which was also suddenly stopped when all my white blood cells disappeared back in the summer. I don’t know. And I don’t think he does either! At one point he just sat there looking at me, saying nothing :/ He also says the reason why I still don’t feel great might be because I have a small infection which my body isn’t getting rid of. But mainly they still seem to put it down to the fact that it’s still early days, I had two transplants not one and I didn’t have an ‘easy ride’. So I’ve now come to the conclusion that this is how I’m going to be. I’m obviously feeling much much better than I did but I probably will never feel 100%. I will have good and bad days, both physically and mentally. It will be hard at times but I will be okay πŸ˜€

We were a long time in clinic today, the doctors were running behind again. So we didn’t have time to pop and visit my hospital friend Marina, who is still in hospital but has improved a little thankfully, and is back on the transplant list, at the minute. Fingers crossed.

Amazingly we didn’t get caught up in any traffic on our way back this time. So I think that cheered Robyn up a bit.

We stopped off in Banbury and did a bit of food shopping 🍏🍌🍞 which is never a fun thing to do with Robyn! but it was reasonably okay this time.

Finally made it back home.