Veg prep


Monday 23rd to Tuesday 24th November

Monday morning again and I didn’t feel that great. I felt quite sick at times, my body didn’t want to work and I was very very tired. As a result of a busy weekend shopping and probably staying up much later than I should be doing? I don’t know, all that probably didn’t help though :/ I hate it when I have these days, it really annoys me.

Off I went into Banbury with Robyn. We had some food shopping to do! Then we decided to stop off somewhere and find a jacket potato for our lunch. Well Robyn took me to this cafe she had been to a few times before apparently. I didn’t like the look of it :/ but went ahead and ordered because she told me it was nice. I actually didn’t know if it would be a good idea to eat or not because of the way I was feeling, but I also know it’s not good for me to go without food either, so I decided to try. Surprisingly for me they were quite nice when they arrived. Robyn soon polished hers off but in the end I could only manage a little of mine. The waitress was funny, she kind of told us off for not eating the salad that came with it, she said to say next time that we didn’t want the salad, and she told me to perhaps next time order the childrens’ jacket potato as they are quite filling!!

With an aching tummy, we then went to look around a new retail park that has recently opened in the town. Robyn managed to find herself quite a few new clothes again, I kind of walked about in a bit of a trance not really being able to concentrate on anything too much :/ Glad when we had finished.

Off to work this morning, Tuesday. Felt a little bit better but was still very very tired. Work went fine. I had arranged to cook for us all today, although Robyn was having fish instead of sausages and at a different time, and I was going to do a chicken casserole tomorrow in the slow cooker, so I spent quite a long time stood in the kitchen, preparing loads of veg etc. cooking and then lots of washing up. Just completely exhausted and aching all over by the time I had finished. Sounds silly I know, but true. A tiring day.

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