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Happy Chinese New Year


Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th January

‘Gong hei fat choy’ (wishing you great happiness and prosperity)

So I thought I’d have some shredded chicken chow mein with cashew nuts from our local takeaway!

It’s the year of the Metal Rat.

I was born in the year of the Fire Sheep.

β€œThis is not a good year for you. Luck is down and you must also beware of getting sick and injured.”

Oh brilliant!

Read Chinese Horoscope to find your Chinese zodiac sign and to read your own horoscope for the year.



Wednesday 15th to Wednesday 22nd January

Last Sunday afternoon there was a glass of cider in the pub after my muddy walk, this Sunday afternoon there was a glass of cider in the pub while watching the football!

Come on Liverpool βš½οΈπŸ†

πŸ™‚ How clever is this …

Muddy walk πŸ‘£


Saturday 11th to Tuesday 14th January

It was good to get out for a muddy walk at the weekend. It seems like I haven’t been for ages.

And there’s been some great news.

Scientists have found a way to keep a liver alive outside the body for up to a week using perfusion technology.

In 2018, 975 livers from 1574 potential organ donors in the UK were used for transplantation. 599 (38%) were therefore not considered suitable for use.

Hopefully this will now soon mean that more livers will become available for people who are unwell and waiting for liver transplants πŸ‘

The liver has over 500 functions.

About the liver.

I find it quite amazing really to think that the liver will still be able to do all of these things after being out of a living body for a week.

The 1920s versus The 2020s


Thursday 9th to Friday 10th January

Here’s just a bit of very useless Then and Now information!

The estimated United Kingdom population in 1920 was 43,646,400.

The estimated United Kingdom population in 2020 is 67,886,011.

Radio –

Television –

Telephone –

Bread was Β£0.02, potatoes were Β£0.04, milk and cheese were Β£0.08, sugar was Β£0.11 and bacon was Β£0.20.

The average car was Β£270 and a litre of fuel was Β£0.04.

The fashion –

West Bromwich Albion won the Football League title for the first time.

Rupert Bear first appeared in a cartoon strip in the Daily Express.

The most popular song was Swanee by Al Jolson.

And finally, skipping was a favourite pastime!



Wednesday 1st to Wednesday 8th January

I’ve been unwell since New Year’s Eve. Haven’t moved too far from the sofa really.

Not the best way to start the New Year πŸ˜–

But now I seem to have recovered a bit, am back at work and the first week has already gone by I thought that it was now about time that I said Happy New Year to you all and Hello to 2020 …

What happened in December?


Sunday 1st to Tuesday 31st December

Our bathroom sink decided to leak through the ceiling!

I was Day 2 on the Share your Wishes advent calendar, promoting organ donation πŸ‘

A visit to Birmingham for my clinic appointment. It’s been 6 months between appointments this time, the longest I’ve been so far. So a little trip to the Bullring first of all to attempt some Christmas shopping.

I had a really nice time at the John Radcliffe Volunteers Christmas party πŸ˜‹

And during one of my volunteer visits this was just a few of the staff and patients’ Christmas presents that I wrapped. So nice for them all to get just a little something when they’re all spending their Christmas in hospital.

It was lovely to listen to the brass band 🎺 playing Christmas carols, but from 11am until 2.30pm when you are sat right next to it serving customers on the checkout so there is no way to get a break, they were VERY loud πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Both my head and ears were ringing when I left work that day.

Then of course there were endless Christmas shopping trips, house tidying and sorting and Christmas wrapping in an attempt to get ready for the big day.

When Christmas Day πŸŽ„πŸŽ did arrive my poor Leah had a sickness bug. Her day mainly consisted of laying on the sofa ☹️

And Shingles decided to return to finish off my year. It was SO busy in the shop I’m really not too sure how I managed to get myself through my shift. But I did it. And then I had to talk myself into getting ready to go out and party πŸ˜–

I spent New Year’s Eve with this crazy lot πŸ€ͺ