Bank Holiday Weekend


Saturday 23rd to Monday 25th May

Me and Gary walked to the town and met Robyn in Cafe Nero for a cup of tea on Saturday afternoon, when she had finished work. Had a bit of a random walk around the town. That was about it for Saturday!!!

On Sunday we met Robyn, Julie and Hannah and went to Hobbycraft, then to the garden centre, then to Sainsburys. All in Bicester. In Hobbycraft Hannah bought a new scrapbook for some more of her photos. I bought her a scrapbook for Christmas which she has now filled. I hope I feature a lot in this new one too Hannah 😜. In the garden centre Robyn bought herself two voodoo dolls.  One for confidence and one for negativity!! We also stopped for some lunch. I had already had a bacon sandwich for breakfast and really wasn’t hungry, but they would have all been on at me if I didn’t eat anything, so I bought a cheese scone and some crisps and ate about half of each of them! The others had toasted sandwiches and Robyn a jacket potato, and they all came to the table topped with a real pansy flower. Julie asked the man who bought them if they were edible or just for decoration. He said yes they were edible. So of course, Julie decided to give it a try. I think by the look on her face they were rather awful. In Sainsburys we all bought various foods! We then went back to Julie’s for a cup of tea. That was Sunday!!!

Monday was a shopping trip to Oxford. I needed to change some jeggings and I got a couple of little pressies ready for Robyns birthday, which is coming up in June. We then went to a nearby pub for an early dinner. Nice.

And that was the Bank Holiday weekend over and done with.

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