Miniature Calendar


Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th July

A tough few days coming up this week! I was feeling stressed, fed up and tired!

I think Monday was just spent doing odd things about the house.

Tuesday was back to work. I hadn’t slept very well so I was very tired. I didn’t seem to have much concentration again either.

Wednesday was work again. I did my extra two hours too. My body was aching and I didn’t seem to have much energy.

I came across this article on healthy livers being grown which will I think be very useful in the future. Anything that can help to reduce the time people have to wait for a new liver is a very good thing in my opinion.

Here’s 9 essential facts so that you can read about how you can try to keep your own liver healthy.

A transplant of a different kind that has been in the news is that a man has received a hand transplant, in fact both of his hands, as they were injured in an accident at work. So the donated hands obviously have to be matched in the same ways as a kidney or liver for example, but then as they are always on show, the appearance of the hands also needs to be taken into consideration too.

It’s always good to hear about the amazing things that can now be done to help people live their otherwise difficult lives.

On a lighter note you really must have a look at this Miniature Calendar. Tatsuya Tanaka has posted a different picture every single day since 20th April 2011. That in itself is an amazing achievement 😀

This picture was posted on 27th February 2016, the first anniversary of my second liver transplant. And with me being a massive chocolate lover too!!!

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