Saturday 23rd to Sunday 24th July

So my weekend was spent at Riverside Festival in Charlbury. Saturday was really hot and sunny, Sunday was cooler and cloudier with rain showers.

There was a whole group of us there which made it much more enjoyable. My friend Lou, Rio, Robyn and her friends Yaz, Rochele, Sophie, then Leah, Julie and Hannah and her friend Chloe.

I also spotted some other, more unusual, visitors that seemed to be watching the main stage too! (They came from the Oxfordshire Mind ‘dog project‘)

On Sunday afternoon there was a man walking around doing card tricks. He came over to our group and showed us a few of them. He was very good I thought. None of us could work out how he had done them and we were close enough that we should have been able to see! Something different 😀

The festival ended with a bit of country dancing in the rain 🌧 Fun though.

And here’s just a random ‘fact’ for you –

This was sadly the year my lovely dad died, but also the year my lovely daughter Leah was born! So three life changing events for me during that year 😐

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