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Tomato mad 🍅


Friday 1st to Sunday 10th October

Back in April I planted some tomato seeds.

I kept them in my dining room, regularly watered them and was so pleased when they started to grow, I had loads of tiny little seedlings. Eventually I planted them out a few at a time. Many didn’t make it ☹️ but thankfully 3 survived. And they just kept on growing! as I lovingly watered them and spoke to them all through the Summer.

I was very patient – and eventually they started to give me such lovely tomatoes. But some of them just wouldn’t seem to ripen ☹️

A friend told me to put some in a paper bag with an already ripe tomato and leave in a drawer for a few days – it worked!

Then along came the warm September and October sunshine which seemed to give them a real boost, I now have loads of tomatoes and their now ripening nicely outside on the vine – in October!

I’m so proud of my perfect tomatoes 😀

A leak 💦


Saturday 25th to Thursday 30th September

Birdland Park & Gardens.

Have you ever seen a headless penguin before?!

Have you ever heard flamingoes make any noise before?!

And talking of flamingoes …

Look at this giant flamingo sculpture, which is due to be completed at Tampa International Airport in America in the Spring of 2022, based on an actual underwater picture of a foraging flamingo 🦩

And on a bit of a smaller scale, here’s just two of my favourite sculptures which were to be found at Blenheim Autumn Festival.

This is Robyn’s Facebook status in 2016 …

and exactly 5 years later we have the same problem, just in a different house!

How weird is that 🤯

My brother made me get up onto the flat roof 😱 to help him while he was replacing the tiles on the main roof, it was cold and windy up there. At least I had an opportunity to get an aerial look at all of my lovely tomatoes! 🤪

Organ Donation Week


Saturday 11th to Friday 24th September

Bridewell Gardens – Bridewell is a mental health recovery service. They provide social and therapeutic horticulture in a working garden to adults living in Oxfordshire. Their goal is to help people into jobs or voluntary roles out in the wider community.

Here’s a couple of pics from Bridewell Gardens’ latest Open Day.

The Hot Border – the curved wall behind the hot border is thought to be shaped this way to give sunlight all through the day, a perfect spot for plants which need the sun.

This bed is replanted several times through the year to give a seasonal display of colour, and provides many hours of work sowing seeds, preparing plants to plant out and of course weeding.

The bees seemed to love the flowers in the Hot Border 🐝🐝

And from a visit to Daylesford Harvest Festival –

Sheep shearing, fascinating isn’t it?

A professional shearer can shear up to 200 sheep a day. And yes sheep can get cold after they have been sheared! as they are left with only about 3mm of their fur 😱 That must be a real shock to them!

Warm and sunny weather again, which led to great excitement! Finally one of my tomatoes were starting to turn red 😀

To mark Organ Donation Week (which began on 20th September) St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall was bathed in purple light to help raise awareness.

Love this 😍

Here I am (a bit windswept!) paddling my feet in front of St. Michael’s Mount when on holiday in August this year.

If you haven’t already, please discuss your organ donation decision with your families – “Leave them Certain”. It makes it so much easier if the situation ever arises, for everyone to make the right choices during an already difficult time.