Monday – Visitor day


Saw junior doctor at about midnight last night. He took 17 phials of blood from me 😦 told me I could be home in couple of days, which confused me. Didn’t get much sleep. Then this morning, after my Rice Krispie breakfast, I had to walk myself to the lift and down long corridors to find ‘inpatient imaging’ to have chest X-ray. Got myself back to ward. So tired just wanted to rest when a porter came this time and I had to go for ultrasound :/

When he was bringing me back I looked in what I thought was my room and someone was led in my bed. It was my wonderful daughter Robyn!! who had come to visit me with her friend Lucie. Devil for confusing me. After a while we played monopoly and she even beat me at that. She took all my money and everything I owned. Even if I was in hospital 😜 Eventually she owned all the board with many many houses and hotels and Lucie very soon followed me out of the game. 

That was a small good part of the day. A doctor turned up with the juniors all gathered round him, and he asked me what I was doing as an inpatient here. I should have been an outpatient. I can’t remember what else he said cos that is just stuck in my mind. I DONT WANNA BE HERE ANYMORE. He has really really upset me

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