Monthly Archives: December 2018

10 years 😱


Saturday 24th to Friday 30th November

Went to a birthday party on Saturday night, which was followed by feeling unwell on Sunday 🀒 Unusually for me I did have a couple of glasses of wine, was this enough to be giving me a hangover?!

But then I didn’t feel very well at all for the whole week. I noticed that my Shingles related virus was back, I don’t usually feel quite this bad with that though πŸ€”

I felt horrendous while at work on Tuesday. I just wanted to go home but it was SO busy, extra chaotic because a banking system was down somewhere and many card payments weren’t working. This always causes a nightmare as so many people don’t carry cash with them now, and just to add to everything we were also short staffed. I think one of the things that was helping me to keep going was knowing that I had the following day off, thank goodness.

On an evening walk we called in to visit the Christmas Tree Festival in our town. All kinds of local businesses and organisations had decorated their own trees using many different ideas. Pretty πŸŽ„

I left my message on the Lawrence Home Nursing tree 😍☹️

Back at work on Friday, I got presented with this.

10 years of working in the Co-op! Goodness me, who would have thought that would happen 😱 How things have changed in that time. I started off working in the little savings bank office which was tucked in the corner of the shop. Then I asked if I could be moved to the checkouts as it was a bit isolating being stuck in there. I can remember the terrible struggles I had as my illness started to get much worse and my regular customers used to tell me how dreadful I was looking! Then my doctor told me I had to stop work and we all know what happened next … When I went back after my transplants, which was a year later, the shop had been extended and given a very big makeover. A very different place to work in, new staff and many more of them. It took some time getting used to it, well I still don’t think I have really! I still miss the old little store.

On Friday evening we went to the Christmas Lights TrailΒ at Blenheim Palace.

And Jamie proposed to Emma πŸ’