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Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th April

We were lucky to have another warm and sunny weekend ☀️

While I was enjoying simply pottering about in my garden my thoughts were with all the patients in Critical Care wards suffering with this awful Covid-19 and all the amazing staff working in difficult conditions.

I sent a message to one of the amazing nurses that looked after me while I was in Critical Care to let her know that I was thinking of her during these tough times.

I remember that she used to gently comb my hair and put some clips in it, these little extra things make such a huge difference when you are so unwell and just can’t do them yourselves.

Thank you NHS.

What on earth was this that I found in my garden on Sunday evening?

I’ve never seen anything like this before so I had to have a Google.

It seems it’s a Garden Tiger Moth caterpillar which grows to about 55mm long and is often referred to as the ‘Woolly Bear’ caterpillar because of its long hairs.

It is common throughout most of the British Isles including urban gardens although its numbers seem to have declined sharply in recent years.


Sparkling rose


Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th April

Time for a couple of good news stories for you to read about now –

Dad finally wakes up

NHS nurse survives Covid-19

Both have previously had kidney transplants.

It’s a little reassuring for us transplant patients to hear that this dreaded illness can be beaten.

But I haven’t heard about any liver transplant survivors yet …🤞

Thursday evening clapping again. The week goes by so quickly.

There was a glass of sparkling rose with my bluebells this week.

Another lovely warm evening was spent outside.

Look at that sky 🌅

Easter In Lockdown


Friday 10th to Monday 13th April

The Easter weekend. We had some lovely warm sunny days.

But we had to spend it in lockdown 😖

So this is what I would have liked to have been doing.

Spending lots of time on a nice beach somewhere, collecting pebbles and maybe making something a bit like the wonderful creations above!

Or wandering through a wood to see if I could find any crazy trees like some of these…

Instead we made chocolate cornflake cakes.

We gave some to Leah to take for the pharmacy staff that were having to work over the weekend and we delivered some to all of our neighbours.

And just because we couldn’t get together this Easter, my sister still didn’t let us off our yearly Easter quiz. We were delivered an ‘Easter In Lockdown’ booklet instead to keep us all busy.

And of course I tried to get artistic on a warm and sunny evening walk 🌼



Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th April

Warm sunny days ☀️ spent in the garden.

Transforming some of my sad and scruffy looking pots that have just been neglected over the winter.

We planted the sunflower seeds which my niece Laura sent over to us and also some peas (never grown those before!) I hope we’re successful 🌱

I even had a treat while enjoying the sun 🍦 My appetite isn’t great through all of this upheaval, but this ice cream was very tasty!



Wednesday 1st to Monday 6th April

My morning tea delivery when I opened my bedroom door …

April Fools! Cheeky Robyn 🤪

Thursday 2nd April 2015 – finally I left the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham after having my two liver transplants. I was an inpatient there for 5 weeks and 5 days. I still remember those tough times 😖

I was still SO extremely weak when I came home. I could barely do a thing at first.

Thank goodness I’ve now got my strength back!!

It would be SO much harder to get through this long time apart from everyone if I wasn’t now able to get up and about and do things.

Happy Birthday to Gary 🍺🍬🍰

This weekend I started to pressure wash my garden.

Watch the video #stressrelief !

It definitely does give you a sense of satisfaction. As well as giving you a cold shower!

I kept getting distracted though …

I’m now saying thank you to the NHS for two things – for working SO hard in difficult conditions during these terrible times and also for saving my life 5 years ago 😍

And now our very own Prime Minister is unwell with Covid-19. Get well soon Boris 🤞