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70’s music


Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th July 

A trip into Banbury for a spot of shopping with Gary is what Saturday started off with! I wasn’t especially looking forward to this as I still wasn’t feeling that great but Gary wanted to get a few things for the upcoming holiday and in the end even I treated myself to some new trousers and a couple of tops 👖👚 We will look smart!!!

When we eventually got back it was immediately time to go to a barbecue at my brother’s house, which he had invited us to earlier (think he had heard that the weather was going to be good 🌞) Unusually BOTH Robyn and Leah were able to make it too, Julie and Hannah came and my two niece’s, one husband and children! A nice gang of us 😀

Much later in the evening when I was back at Gary’s we came across a programme on the TV which was playing music and videos from the 70’s including The Carpenters, John Denver and 10cc. I really enjoyed listening and watching, mainly because it was songs I remembered hearing as a child. Sometimes I love to think back, other times it makes me too sad and emotional 😕

A beautiful Sunday morning so I sat in Gary’s garden, he had very kindly made me a bacon sandwich, and I did some work on my blog. A nice way to start the day.

And then the diarrhoea started 😟 I went home to try and get a few jobs done but obviously that couldn’t happen very easily! Eventually I went back to Gary’s as Robyn had gone out with a friend and Leah went out with Jack in his buggy. I just wasn’t in the mood to be left alone 😖

I spent the rest of the day on and off sorting and downloading photos for my ‘Cornbury in pictures’ post on here and lying about in the garden, as I was feeling quite weak and tired. The diarrhoea had now stopped but I hadn’t been able to face eating anything since breakfast.
I just want to share this silly photo with you.

An unusual way to be just led looking up at the beautiful blue sky!

I also spent some time on the Internet and came across these two articles which I found quite interesting and relevant.

I hope this idea sleep is good medicine catches on over here very soon! Sometimes when you’re led in that hospital bed with lots of people buzzing around and machines bleeping, it takes an absolute age to drop off to sleep. Then they come and wake you up about two hours later to set up a drip to give you some fluid for example. Eventually you drop back off to sleep. Then it’s back awake at 6am to have your blood taken even before you’ve had a drink or breakfast so it’s impossible to find a vein that will give them anything!! I know their all busy and have a lot of patients to get round but if you’ve had a good nights sleep I think that makes you feel a tiny bit better in itself! Hospital stays, I don’t really recommend it 😩 

Hoarders. Of course I’m not one of those!!! Oh alright then, maybe I am! But I do think I have got a tiny bit better. I have got rid of quite a bit of stuff lately as I have been sorting at every chance I get in preparation for our house move. Loads of bags have gone to the charity shop, as one thing I won’t do is just throw something away in the rubbish bin. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing is it?



Thursday 14th to Friday 15th July

I couldn’t go and do my volunteering duties this morning. I really wasn’t well, I had so much ‘congestion’ in my head and my whole body was aching. Flu like symptoms really :/  I still managed to have quite a busy day at home though as I had things I needed to get on with. I just sat down in between them for a little rest every now and again! 

And, stupidly I know, I still went for a walk in the evening. It was a nice evening and we walked for an hour and a half. I enjoyed being out but I did struggle towards the end, was glad to get back, and then I did feel pretty awful for the rest of the evening 😖 Guess I shouldn’t really have gone.

I came across these photos when I was having a look at Facebook ‘Dad and baby alone when mum went out!’ They made me smile so I thought I would share them with you.

The Final Gift, just another story that shows how important it is to sign up to that organ donor register and just as importantly, to make sure your family members all know your wishes.
When I woke up on Friday morning I soon realised that I wasn’t going to be able to manage a day at work so I had to phone in and say I wouldn’t be able to make it. (I really don’t like doing that). So I just pottered about around the house, still made myself give the kitchen a bit of an extra clean, and then made a pasta dish for us all for our evening meal! but with constant stops to use a tissue for my non stop runny nose and much needed rest breaks every now and again for my poor body 😖



Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th July

So I spent a long weekend at Cornbury. Hope you enjoyed the slideshow!!!

I wasn’t feeling 100% while there. I had a very sore throat, a headache at times, a very runny nose and I do think that maybe I might have been suffering from hay fever too as my eyes were just SO sore. Add this to very late nights and early mornings and lots of things going on, you could say I was a bit tired! 😲

As we had camped over again Sunday night we were obviously still at Cornbury this morning. But the festival was over, it was now time to clear the Riverside stage and backstage area away. I did some of the things that I was able to do to help, but I now had a cough to go with all my other symptoms and I felt pretty rough!

Home to do pretty much nothing!!!

I made myself go off to work both Tuesday and Wednesday (even staying to work an extra hour on Wednesday) but I really wasn’t feeling too great. 

Back at home, we had received a whole load of forms to fill in from the solicitor regarding the house purchase so I needed to find some of the information out for that, and we all had to arrange to get photocopies of various things to send back off with the forms. Lots of paperwork, but at least it all seems to be moving along now and getting sorted. Fingers crossed 🤔

Let’s all talk to our ‘young people‘ and get them to understand the importance of organ donation from a young age – I think this is a great idea. Like it says in the report, if organ donation is talked about amongst families it then makes it so much easier for people to make a decision if the situation ever arises in your own family.

#orgamites is Live Life Give Life’s new campaign to help promote organ donation in younger people and to try and make it easier for people to talk about. Here’s ‘Liver’ –

Check out the other Orgamites at

He said yes!!


Wednesday 6th to Thursday 7th July

I didn’t stay and do overtime at work today as had been planned as I felt ill! I had a headache and a tummyache and I couldn’t face any food. I only just about managed to get through my shift.

I did manage to find three interesting articles selling your organs, one millionth organ donor and register on iPhone for you to have a read of though.

One bit of very good news for this Wednesday evening was that the vendor finally agreed to sell his house to us! Yay 😀 So I need to contact some people tomorrow now to officially start the ball rolling …

Thursday and my tummy was a bit better, I still had the headache but now I had a sore throat too and I just didn’t feel quite right 😕

This morning at the John Radcliffe I came across my first patient that didn’t want to talk to me when I went over to see him! I guess I’ve been very lucky so far. Then I visited a poor man that was in so much pain. He has been suffering with so many different things, I did really feel for him, and he seemed so nice. I find it quite amazing what some people tell you when you’ve only been sat with them for a few minutes and you don’t really know them at all, but I guess in some ways that makes it easier for them.

Then I came across Mark sat in the day room, so I just went and joined him in there for our weekly visit. He was waiting for a bed to become available. He has to bring his big packed suitcase with him every time in case he gets a call while he’s there. Can you imagine having to do that weekly? He has quite a journey to make by bus, so he has to get up early, catches the bus to the hospital, waits for a bed and to have his drain, stays overnight and then leaves again early in the morning to catch the bus back home, lugging his big suitcase with him. And he has to do this every week without fail. He can’t really go away anywhere or get a break from it. What a nightmare, but it’s part of his life now. I do really wish he gets lucky and gets his call very soon.

While we were in the day room a nurse that I had briefly spoken to earlier popped in and said that she had been thinking and she realised that she remembered me from the time when I was a patient myself on that ward! About 18months ago that was!

And my funny story for this week? I went to buy myself a pack of 3 mini filled rolls from the Marks & Spencer shop they have in the hospital and then I sat down and waited for the bus to take me back to the Park & Ride. This lady came over and sat down by me and started chatting and she told me she had just had the procedure where they put a camera down your throat. She hadn’t been allowed to eat since the day before and was now very hungry, but her throat was a bit sore. She said she liked the look of my rolls! I told her where I had got them from, that they were nice and soft and she should be alright to eat them. She then reached out and gave one of my rolls a great big squish. ‘Oh yes, they are soft aren’t they?’ I mean, would you dare to do that to a complete stranger?!! 🙄

I drove over to Great Tew later, where Gary was helping to get the Riverside stage ready. I did think to myself what a complete contrast this was from where I had been this morning and just how much a lot of those patients would love to be able to leave their various illnesses behind, get out of their hospital beds and pay a visit 😏

‘The Cornbury Music Festival is one-of-a-kind: an eclectic and eccentric musical carnival – a dynamic summer festival disguised as a country fayre – a lovingly crafted, top notch, very English open air party, tailor-made for the whole family.

The festival takes place over three days from Friday 8th until Sunday 10th July 2016, with the campsite opening on Thursday and closing on Monday.
Held on The Great Tew Estate in Oxfordshire, Cornbury Festival offers an experience like no other – a heavyweight line-up of heritage and up & coming artists, the UKs top comedians, an interactive kids zone, gourmet caterers and camping in the rolling hills of the Cotswolds.’

And this is where I was going to be spending the next few days!

Sorry 😦


Saturday 2nd to Tuesday 5th July

First of all I just want to apologise for getting a bit behind with my blog posts. This has been annoying me very badly for quite some time now! My time mainly has been taken up with all things connected with arranging our house move – phone calls, forms to fill in, emails etc, on top of still having to do all the normal day to day jobs and working, despite not feeling in the greatest of health 😫 Oh, and I have also been to Cornbury music festival! (photos to follow shortly). So I think I’ll do a couple of ‘catch up’ blog posts :/

Saturday and Sunday was a weekend of odd jobs at home really. A visit to my sister too on the Saturday and I also started the sorting out in my bedroom. Still a long way to go in that department though! I have so much ‘junk’ and so many clothes that I need to go through and take to all the charity shops in town. I did much more of the same on the Sunday but also added in a trip to Caffe Nero in the morning with my two sisters and Robyn and Hannah, and then went to see a local band play in a nearby village hotel in the afternoon, followed by a meal out.

A busy day at home on Monday with work on Tuesday.

Amongst all the ‘busyness’ I did manage to find a few minutes to read an article about the oldest organ donor though!



Monday 27th June to Friday 1st July

A busy week!

I got on quite well with sorting my shed on Monday. There is of course more to be done but I was pleased with the good start that I had made. Physically exhausted though with a painful back 😦 Then off for a meeting with Robyn and Leah and the Financial Advisor to get the mortgage application started off and then I went back to Gary’s to watch the England football match with him. They were playing Iceland tonight in the next round of the Euro’s. But of course England lost, so are now out of the competition. Silly game! ⚽️

Tuesday was work.

On Wednesday I had to go into work early and then leave early so that I was able to go off to the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford in time for the scan that I have been waiting for, to check if there is any trace of fibroids. The lady said that everything seemed to look okay but of course I have to wait for the official results from my doctor.

Thursday and I am still suffering with back pain, but never mind, keep on going!! 🏃 There’s lots to get done!

The good thing about my hospital visiting today was that I chatted to a lady that was just sat waiting to go down for her drain in the afternoon and she was really quite worried about it. We had a good chat about our families mainly and houses! which helped to take her mind off of things for a bit. Success 🙂 I saw my friend Mark today who has to come in for a drain every Thursday and I do try to see him if I can. The bad thing about my hospital visiting today was that in the bed opposite him this week was a very, very confused man which did upset me quite a bit actually. He just stood staring at me at one point, I asked him if he was okay and he said he was bullfighting as he was waving his hospital gown about. He was constantly wandering about, he kept looking for a pen he said he had lost, and everything else he was saying was just so muddled. He was very yellow and had ascites. Very obviously suffering from hepatic encephalopathy and I really didn’t like seeing him like that 😰 I am afraid that I sure do know what that is like 😦

Friday morning I went off to work knowing that I was having to go back again for my second shift later today as it was stocktaking, which means every member of staff has to go in and count all the stock on the shelves and do the lots of other jobs that it creates, and this is all done while the shop is still open and with customers doing their normal Friday evening shopping! But what a morning I had to get through first! As soon as I sat down the first customer was there, with a problem! In the first 20minutes of my shift there were 3 problems that needed sorting! 

My concentration was not good at all today anyway as we were kind of waiting to hear news about the house, I had masses of jobs that needed to be sorted at home, I had things that needed doing on my iPad and these complications didn’t do me any favours at all! There were no gaps between customers to kind of ‘gather your thoughts’ for a few minutes. They were just continual. A VERY busy morning 😖 How on earth am I gonna get through this day?!

A quick break back home and then back to work. Stocktaking, for me anyway, was a little less problematic, but still busy 😱

Watching Glastonbury


Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th June

A trip to Banbury today. I needed to pop into the building society there but then I didn’t really need anything else! I’m trying to get rid of stuff as we have to move house shortly, not buy anything else just to end up packing it in a box!

Then we called back into Caffe Nero as Leah told me she was visiting there with Julie and Hannah so we went to meet up with them. So I decided to take a silly photo of us all for #loveyourliver week organised by British Liver Trust.

The evening was taken up, unusually for me, by the TV. I watched Madness at Glastonbury, then it was time for the football – Wales v Northern Ireland – and then back to Glastonbury for Adele. What a way to spend a Saturday night 📺

As when we moved a couple of years ago, we moved into a much smaller house many boxes were just stacked in my shed in the garden for storage, with the intention of sorting them all out, but of course as we know I became very ill and none of this actually got done. Now it’s time to move again and as I am ‘better’ the sorting can now begin! So as it was a dry Sunday afternoon I decided to move a few things about to give myself a bit more space ready for action tomorrow! as it looked like I was going to get a free day. Oh dear, even just lugging those few things about hurt my lower back and later I was completely aching 😣

In the evening I was just sat chilling on my iPad at Garys, with the tv on in the background, and the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) came on as they were playing at Glastonbury in the ‘Legends’ slot. They were actually really good, playing lots of old songs that I recognised. I was really pleased that I just happened to come across that by accident!

Then finishing off the festival were Coldplay – simply brilliant. The flashing wristbands that were given out looked brilliant.
Don’t forget to have a look at the new pictures of Robyn and Leah’s recent birthday celebrations that I’ve now uploaded onto my ‘Photos’ page 📸

No money 😱


Thursday 23rd to Friday 24th June

My tummy felt a little better today but I was still very stressed. A very good example of this was that I left the house this morning with no money! It wasn’t until I got into Kidlington that I must have got a sudden thought and I realised this. Oh flip (or words to that effect!) now what on earth was I going to do. Luckily I pay in advance for my bus pass but I had no money anywhere to pay to park my car in the Park & Ride 😖

I decided to drive on into the Park & Ride. I was thinking that maybe I could arrange to pay online or something. I found a car parking attendant when I got there and I explained what I had done. He said it takes hours to set up the online payment thing :/ Oh fiddle. Luckily in the end, he fished around in his pocket and gave me a £2 coin 😃 Thank goodness I didn’t now have to drive straight back home. I told him I would repay him next week when I come, so I must make sure I remember my money then! What a lucky escape for me.

I only visited one lady in the hospital this morning but I spent all my time there with her! I didn’t realise it was lunchtime until I heard the trolley come onto the ward. We had a good old chat about all kinds of things 🗣🗣 She even said she would have given me some money so I could go and buy myself some lunch if she had brought her purse into hospital with her!

There was no walk this evening as two of the ladies were away doing different things. I did miss it.

Today in our country was the day of the EU referendum. The question we all had to answer was ‘Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?’ The campaign for and against has been going on for some weeks and I think many, many people were still baffled by it all and weren’t sure which way to go, including me 🤔 I am not a great follower of politics at all but when it is about something quite major I like to do my bit, so I went along to our local Polling Station in the evening and posted my vote in the box ❌

On this day last year I felt unwell and had a high temperature and I was ‘bullied’ by my family into contacting the doctors in Birmingham who told me I had to go to my local hospital to be checked out and of course they admitted me 😫 What followed was just a nightmare, the worst two weeks. I was given strong antibiotics which always upset my tummy and they did endless tests on me as they were looking for any signs of infection, but they could find nothing. And also because my white blood cell count was very low I was kept in isolation and I was not a very happy lady! 

Right now we are suffering with terrible weather for this time of year really with lots of rain, but I can tell you that the following two weeks last year were extremely hot and sunny. I was watching it through my hospital window ☀️ 😖

Back to this year, and Friday was another longer than normal shift at work again.

Then I went to pick Robyn and Leah up from work as previously arranged (and good job I did really as it was still pouring down with rain ☔️) and we went off to look around a house that was up for sale and that we liked the look of. I’d had a sudden thought that I knew the man whose house it was and sure enough I did! When we met the estate agent at the house and she knocked on the door the owners were still at home, so that was quite amusing being shown around his house while he was sat watching the tv 😂

Very nice house 🏡 We would like to buy it!

Later in the early evening when we were all together in the kitchen and Jack had come in from work too, there were some funny chats going on about the referendum result Brexit. Leah was getting quite cross about other people’s reactions to it and things that she had been reading on the Internet (Leah is very ‘matter of fact’) and Robyn was just her normal silly self 🙃 Quite amusing 😂