He said yes!!


Wednesday 6th to Thursday 7th July

I didn’t stay and do overtime at work today as had been planned as I felt ill! I had a headache and a tummyache and I couldn’t face any food. I only just about managed to get through my shift.

I did manage to find three interesting articles selling your organs, one millionth organ donor and register on iPhone for you to have a read of though.

One bit of very good news for this Wednesday evening was that the vendor finally agreed to sell his house to us! Yay šŸ˜€ So I need to contact some people tomorrow now to officially start the ball rolling …

Thursday and my tummy was a bit better, I still had the headache but now I had a sore throat too and I just didn’t feel quite right šŸ˜•

This morning at the John Radcliffe I came across my first patient that didn’t want to talk to me when I went over to see him! I guess I’ve been very lucky so far. Then I visited a poor man that was in so much pain. He has been suffering with so many different things, I did really feel for him, and he seemed so nice. I find it quite amazing what some people tell you when you’ve only been sat with them for a few minutes and you don’t really know them at all, but I guess in some ways that makes it easier for them.

Then I came across Mark sat in the day room, so I just went and joined him in there for our weekly visit. He was waiting for a bed to become available. He has to bring his big packed suitcase with him every time in case he gets a call while he’s there. Can you imagine having to do that weekly? He has quite a journey to make by bus, so he has to get up early, catches the bus to the hospital, waits for a bed and to have his drain, stays overnight and then leaves again early in the morning to catch the bus back home, lugging his big suitcase with him. And he has to do this every week without fail. He can’t really go away anywhere or get a break from it. What a nightmare, but it’s part of his life now. I do really wish he gets lucky and gets his call very soon.

While we were in the day room a nurse that I had briefly spoken to earlier popped in and said that she had been thinking and she realised that she remembered me from the time when I was a patient myself on that ward! About 18months ago that was!

And my funny story for this week? I went to buy myself a pack of 3 mini filled rolls from the Marks & Spencer shop they have in the hospital and then I sat down and waited for the bus to take me back to the Park & Ride. This lady came over and sat down by me and started chatting and she told me she had just had the procedure where they put a camera down your throat. She hadn’t been allowed to eat since the day before and was now very hungry, but her throat was a bit sore. She said she liked the look of my rolls! I told her where I had got them from, that they were nice and soft and she should be alright to eat them. She then reached out and gave one of my rolls a great big squish. ‘Oh yes, they are soft aren’t they?’ I mean, would you dare to do that to a complete stranger?!! šŸ™„

I drove over to Great Tew later, where Gary was helping to get the Riverside stage ready. I did think to myself what a complete contrast this was from where I had been this morning and just how much a lot of those patients would love to be able to leave their various illnesses behind, get out of their hospital beds and pay a visit šŸ˜

‘The Cornbury Music Festival is one-of-a-kind: an eclectic and eccentric musical carnival ā€“ a dynamic summer festival disguised as a country fayre ā€“ a lovingly crafted, top notch, very English open air party, tailor-made for the whole family.

The festival takes place over three days from Friday 8th until Sunday 10th July 2016, with the campsite opening on Thursday and closing on Monday.
Held on The Great Tew Estate in Oxfordshire, Cornbury Festival offers an experience like no other – a heavyweight line-up of heritage and up & coming artists, the UKs top comedians, an interactive kids zone, gourmet caterers and camping in the rolling hills of the Cotswolds.’

And this is where I was going to be spending the next few days!

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