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Nanny’s Day


Wednesday 27th May

Happy 3 month anniversary to my liver. Am I suddenly a normal person again now? Am I allowed to drive or go on public transport? Am I allowed to go swimming? Am I allowed to work?

But a much more important but very sad anniversary, is that my wonderful mum died a year ago today.

 (My lovely cheeky mum. She looks like she’s been up to something in this photo. Her hair maybe?)

So Julie, Hannah, Robyn and Leah booked the day off work, Lynda booked the day off golf!! so we could spend the day doing something that nanny (as I also liked to call her) enjoyed doing.

Robyn had bought herself, Leah and Hannah a ‘beading’ to make and take to put on nanny’s grave. This was something they all used to do with nanny when visiting her. Hannah had bought them all a tiny bottle, they had to write a wish on a piece of paper, put it back in the bottle and take to the grave. Leah had bought some lovely flowers. So first we visited the grave to say hello to nanny and leave her presents 😢

Julie had come up with the idea of visiting Bibury Trout Farm 🐟 so off we went.

Luckily it was a lovely warm sunny day, so we wandered around the farm just watching the trout swimming around and throwing food to them.

We stopped and sat in the garden of the cafe there and had a cup of tea. And a piece of cake which, obviously, I didn’t like. The intention was to fish and hopefully catch and take a trout home, as when mum went once before she really enjoyed it, but you have to kill it yourself and when we stood watching others doing it, we could hardly bear to watch and hated it, so that never happened!!

We then drove for about half an hour and went to a Toby carvery (one of mum’s favourite places to eat) for a late lunch/early dinner. I had some roast beef everybody, roast potatoes and veg. It was actually very nice. Then I had some ice cream in mum’s honour with some mint matchmakers in it and a flake. Ate some, big sister made me give her some matchmakers and the flake!!! 😝

Home time.

Think you would have liked our day out today mum.

Bank Holiday Weekend


Saturday 23rd to Monday 25th May

Me and Gary walked to the town and met Robyn in Cafe Nero for a cup of tea on Saturday afternoon, when she had finished work. Had a bit of a random walk around the town. That was about it for Saturday!!!

On Sunday we met Robyn, Julie and Hannah and went to Hobbycraft, then to the garden centre, then to Sainsburys. All in Bicester. In Hobbycraft Hannah bought a new scrapbook for some more of her photos. I bought her a scrapbook for Christmas which she has now filled. I hope I feature a lot in this new one too Hannah 😜. In the garden centre Robyn bought herself two voodoo dolls.  One for confidence and one for negativity!! We also stopped for some lunch. I had already had a bacon sandwich for breakfast and really wasn’t hungry, but they would have all been on at me if I didn’t eat anything, so I bought a cheese scone and some crisps and ate about half of each of them! The others had toasted sandwiches and Robyn a jacket potato, and they all came to the table topped with a real pansy flower. Julie asked the man who bought them if they were edible or just for decoration. He said yes they were edible. So of course, Julie decided to give it a try. I think by the look on her face they were rather awful. In Sainsburys we all bought various foods! We then went back to Julie’s for a cup of tea. That was Sunday!!!

Monday was a shopping trip to Oxford. I needed to change some jeggings and I got a couple of little pressies ready for Robyns birthday, which is coming up in June. We then went to a nearby pub for an early dinner. Nice.

And that was the Bank Holiday weekend over and done with.

12 hour day


Thursday 21st May

Clinic day again. It soon comes around!

The coordinator told me over the phone that I needed to be there for 9.30 so they could take my bloods and see the results on the same day, as my levels had been abnormal. But when I went in to see the doctor he told me I didn’t need to wait around for the results, they would just ring me like they normally do if there’s any problems. 

My liver is now working normally. My kidneys and blood results are still misbehaving. But like they always say to me, I am doing really very well for what my body has been through, and everything should settle down in time. More of my tablets were reduced. The surgeon the other week prescribed me iron tablets, this doctor advised me to stop them and get my iron through my diet, so again eat red meat and more spinach. My weight is staying the same, where by now it should really be going up a bit apparently, so I need to eat more. HELP …

Gary took me to clinic this time as no one else was available. So after we had finished talking to the doctor, we left the hospital and went to a local farm shop and restaurant for a breakfast. Sausage, bacon, scrambled egg, beans and toast. Very nice indeed. And this time I made myself eat the whole plateful, as when I went with Robyn a few weeks ago I could only eat about half of it, so yes I guess I am improving. Quick walk around the farm shop, then back to the QE for my dietician’s appointment.

Same as always was said. Eat little and often and try and add more snacks in between meals to increase my weight :/ And she’s writing to my GP again to get him to prescribe me some different build up milkshakes because the first ones she advised for me, he couldn’t get hold of. (Oh fiddle, I thought I had got out of that one 😉 ) I must be doing something right though everybody, because my grip strength test went up to 15, where it had been just 11.

It was a lovely warm sunny day. I think as Gary had the day off work he wanted to make the most of the rest of it, so we drove to Brindleyplace which is where four canals meet each other in Birmingham. We walked up and down the towpaths. It was really nice. Then we drove into the Bullring to wander around the shops. We also walked right through the shops to Victoria Square at the top. And, thank goodness, we then sat on the wall by the fountain for quite a while, people watching. That was good fun. I love doing that.

My legs and feet certainly felt it. I had definitely done my share of walking today.

Time to go home at last. We got stuck in all the traffic on the motorway and by the time we eventually got home, we had been out for 12 hours.

A busy, tiring but very enjoyable day 👫 👣☀️

I went out


Wednesday 20th May

This afternoon I had a cup of tea with Marion. I used to work with her quite a few years ago when I worked at the hospital, and we still bump into each other every now and again. As I want to walk into town and back on my own now, I thought this would be a good test, as her house is probably about half way. I managed it perfectly fine. And I left the house on my own!!! 

We sat in her lovely conservatory (I’ve always fancied one of those). Marion told me about a nurse’s partner that has also just had a liver transplant around the same time as me, and lives in a nearby village! Small world. He’s doing okay at the moment too. But another two ladies that we also used to work with are suffering with different cancers at the minute. Made me feel really quite sad. They are both really nice people and do not deserve to have to go through this. Like I have said in a previous post, there is always someone in a worse situation.

Nina Webb


Tuesday 19th May

My friend Nina took me on a trip out today. We went to a garden centre near Cirencester. Had a wander around, then stopped for a cup of tea and I had a massive jam and cream scone (of course I could only eat half of it). Nina had a coffee, and a strawberry and cream meringue. Then we wandered a bit more. It was lovely to get out, have a good old gossip and catch up. I hope we can do it again very soon (hint hint Nina).

Maybe on a drier day though? On our way home we went through an amazing hailstorm. It literally sounded like the hailstones were going to break the windscreen at any minute, they were so hard and heavy. The wipers couldn’t keep up with it!

While I was in hospital Nina laid out various crystals for me. 


Different ones are good for different things. The photos are of me and Nina in the sea, and me with my mum and dad. Both from a very long time ago but both also very special. 

When I was due to come home she put out the crystals for rebuilding confidence, well being and calmness. I could have done with the last ones being out during my stay in critical care though!

And she wrote a poem for me –

I am trying to grasp it, this transplant of mine
But it’s proving so difficult as I’m confused all the time
I seem to have lost a few weeks of my life
And during that time I’ve found a will to survive.
My beautiful daughters, Gary, and my family too
Have given me the strength to fight and pull through.

You have to forgive me on difficult days
When I am grumpy, non-compliant and unfriendly in ways
I don’t really mean it, but sometimes I’ve had enough
And really, if you could see it, this hospital food is not exciting stuff.

Leah keeps eating my sweeties, and Robyn pulls my hair
Jack keeps telling me porky stories and Tom is just rare.
When I get Leah’s phone to see the taping she’s done
I will remind her she’s not too big to have a slap on the bum!

Robyn is bossy and she’s going to have to learn
That it’s only while I’m here that she can have her turn.
And I know they don’t believe me – but the nurses do make me eat chains
I know this is real because my dreams are the same.
And I am telling you all now, and you better listen too
I’ve still not forgiven any of you – for not taking me to the loo!

Good that 📝

Nina also made me some little tiny cheesecakes and some chocolate crispy cakes when I first came home from hospital. 

A lovely friend 😀

Robyn’s busy day


Monday 18th May

Robyn had an appointment in Oxford today (for once it wasn’t me) so I went with her, just to have a drive out really.

Afterwards we then went to Banbury as Robyn was picking Tom up so he could come back  home with us and we also needed to do some food shopping. I was actually allowed to go in the shop with Robyn this time. She doesn’t like it when I shop with her because I like to have a look around, see what’s different, what’s on offer, and I take too long. We met Tom in the shop (he bought some sweeties! 🍬). A very nice chocolate eclair I had to munch on the way home.
Robyn cooked for me and Tom. We had some very nice chicken and vegetables. Think it went reasonably smoothly this time, as Robyn sometimes does get herself into a bit of a stress while cooking 😰

Then Robyn gave Leah’s hair a good cut. It needed doing, trimming all the ends off! Very nice. 

Look how busy Robyn was today!!!

Sunny Saturday


Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th May

Went to a barbecue Saturday afternoon at Gary’s mum and dads. It was a nice sunny afternoon, really quite warm at times. His sister Ali came too with her husband and three daughters. They hadn’t seen me since I was in critical care, so a bit of an improvement! (If I was at my crazy stage when you saw me, I do apologise for anything I said or did :/ ) It was a good afternoon with some lovely food and the girls playing. Takes me back to when my kids were younger, good times.

Even so my mood still wasn’t the best …

I didn’t do much on Sunday. Just pottered about while Robyn was at home cleaning the bathroom! Thanks Robyn, what a good girl you are 👼

Just a Friday!


Friday 15th May

Can’t even really remember what I did today so it can’t have been very exciting. Probably nothing – because i do know that I was in a bit of a funny mood 😕

Oh I remember now. Had a sudden thought. I gave my fridge a good sort and clean out!!

And I got the dreaded phone call from Birmingham. My white blood cell count was very low. This can be caused by certain medications affecting the bone marrow (which produces the white blood cells), and leaves you much more open to catching infections, which they don’t want to happen. So they have stopped a lot of my tablets for now and I have to go back to clinic next week again so they can check my blood and see if this has worked. I don’t know what will happen if it hasn’t? 😔 

Going to clinic and the ‘phone call’ always makes me think (in different ways depending on my frame of mind at the time) that I will always be having tablets, checkups, different problems etc. That has been, and still will be my life, not a ‘normal’ person. And when that thought has passed, I make myself think of the many many people who are much worse off than me, and haven’t been as lucky as I have …