Nanny’s Day


Wednesday 27th May

Happy 3 month anniversary to my liver. Am I suddenly a normal person again now? Am I allowed to drive or go on public transport? Am I allowed to go swimming? Am I allowed to work?

But a much more important but very sad anniversary, is that my wonderful mum died a year ago today.

ย (My lovely cheeky mum. She looks like she’s been up to something in this photo. Her hair maybe?)

So Julie, Hannah, Robyn and Leah booked the day off work, Lynda booked the day off golf!! so we could spend the day doing something that nanny (as I also liked to call her) enjoyed doing.

Robyn had bought herself, Leah and Hannah a ‘beading’ to make and take to put on nanny’s grave. This was something they all used to do with nanny when visiting her. Hannah had bought them all a tiny bottle, they had to write a wish on a piece of paper, put it back in the bottle and take to the grave. Leah had bought some lovely flowers. So first we visited the grave to say hello to nanny and leave her presents ๐Ÿ˜ข

Julie had come up with the idea of visiting Bibury Trout Farm ๐ŸŸ so off we went.

Luckily it was a lovely warm sunny day, so we wandered around the farm just watching the trout swimming around and throwing food to them.

We stopped and sat in the garden of the cafe there and had a cup of tea. And a piece of cake which, obviously, I didn’t like. The intention was to fish and hopefully catch and take a trout home, as when mum went once before she really enjoyed it, but you have to kill it yourself and when we stood watching others doing it, we could hardly bear to watch and hated it, so that never happened!!

We then drove for about half an hour and went to a Toby carvery (one of mum’s favourite places to eat) for a late lunch/early dinner. I had some roast beef everybody, roast potatoes and veg. It was actually very nice. Then I had some ice cream in mum’s honour with some mint matchmakers in it and a flake. Ate some, big sister made me give her some matchmakers and the flake!!! ๐Ÿ˜

Home time.

Think you would have liked our day out today mum.

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