Inspiring man


Thursday 21st to Friday 22nd April

My day off. All my volunteering checks still have not come through yet so I am still waiting to start at the hospital. It’s taking too long 😏 

So I walked along the town this afternoon to meet my sister Lynda in Caffe Nero. Hannah had the day off work so she came along too. And then Robyn came along for a little while in her lunch break. 

My usual evening walk was extended this week. When Kate met up with us she said that the town mayor was going to light a beacon as part of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. The Queen lit the first of a chain of a 1,000 beacons being lit across the country and worldwide and there was one in little old Chipping Norton! We got there too early, Kate had got the time wrong! so we had a bit of an extra walk around and then went back to watch. Amazingly in my picture it seems to be in a perfect heart shape!!!

So anyway, this longer walk meant that I did 14,958 steps today, 6.26 miles. And while I was at home doing some jobs throughout the rest of the day and evening I had climbed 58 floors!!! No wonder I was tired 😲

When you have read about Rodger Webster you will see he is a very inspiring man. And in the article it says he’s now encouraging others to challenge his donation record. Robyn, are you up for it? You still have many more pints to give πŸ’‰  I also hope some of you out there are up for the challenge too? If you’ve never given blood before why not start today and go along to your local donation centres.

Friday was just a morning at work with nothing else exciting happening to me – unfortunately!

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