Nice crazy doctor


Tuesday 30th June

A doctor woke me at 4.20am. I don’t mind if there is a definite purpose for this, but there really didn’t seem to be one this time. He just listened to my chest, asked me if I still had diarrhoea and any pain and that was about it. I really could have done without this early start after not feeling too great yesterday.

It does seem to be the doctors and nurses favourite time to do things. They take your blood pressure, pulse and temperature so early, then it’s blood to be taken. I guess there is a good reason for all this. But us poor patients don’t get much quality sleep! 💤

I was feeling much better again today though and I decided to be brave and try some toast again, as it was cold before. The lady promised me it would be hot and it was. I quite enjoyed it.

Then this lovely but slightly crazy doctor came round. Because of the fluid by my lungs, he wanted to have a look himself and possibly drain some off for testing. So he did an ultrasound right there in my ward and gave me quite a detailed lesson in where everything was and how you could see tiny bits floating around in the fluid, and when I took a breath how my diaphragm moved up and covered the area we were looking at. It was really interesting. Of course he decided he did want to drain some off if I was happy with that. I said I just don’t want to have anything done unnecessarily as I have been through enough and he said he understood that but really did think it would be very useful. So I agreed :/ He was going to come back later in the afternoon after his clinic.

I also had a CT scan and the fluid I had around my spleen had apparently moved to my pelvis!

Even though I was waiting for this doctor to come back and I was scared at what was going to happen to me, I still managed to eat some of my ham salad for lunch. I was quite pleased with myself.

Well the time came and along came the crazy doctor with his ultrasound (which he was going to use to guide himself into the right place) and all his other equipment. But first he had more important things to do, he tried to do my Solitaire puzzle which Hannah had bought for me. He had never seen it before so I explained what to do and it really looked like he was going to complete it. I thought that can’t be right, imagine completing that on your very first attempt – but he didn’t in the end. He said he was now in a mood and was going to take it out on me with the procedure!!!!

So I had to sit on the edge of the bed while he drew a big arrow on me, put iodine all over my back, injected anaesthetic then put the needle in – ouchy 😦 He was very good, professional and kind.

Later I finally laid back and relaxed and had a think. Even I’ve had enough now and I think I can take quite a lot. They are doing so many tests, blood tests two or three times a day, giving me so much medication, and they still have no idea what is wrong?! Tomorrow I am going to tell the doctor this and I would quite like to know what on earth is going on …

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