Hurting and itching


Monday 14th to Friday 25th May

Nothing remarkable to report!

Apart from the fact that we were all hurting like crazy after our water park adventures. What a great workout it must have been πŸ’ͺ

And I was suffering badly after being bitten while waiting to get into the water. 5 bites on my right leg and 4 on my left. Just SO incredibly itchy and then sore when I did scratch them πŸ˜– I didn’t sleep very well at all. I was putting cream on them and I started taking my antihistamine tablets again, but I didn’t really get much relief.

I had a bit of an encounter late one night with a giant spider πŸ•· Luckily before I had actually got into bed I saw it crawling across some of my clothes. I attempted to squash it but was not successful, it dropped onto the floor and ran under my bed. I thought what on earth am I going to do now, it’s going to just crawl back out and all over me during the night! I’m going to have to go and sleep on the sofa. Then I thought I’ll just have a poke about under the bed first to see if it comes back out and it did! I still wasn’t quick enough to squish it. It ran off somewhere else, I couldn’t find it, but it was obviously still on the loose in my bedroom. Oh my goodness 😳 I was very brave in the end and just got myself into bed and told myself that I must just forget about it. But I haven’t – every single time I go in there I am having a bit of a look about waiting for this dreaded πŸ•· to appear again …

We’ve been lucky with the weather and had some nice sunny days β˜€

I’ve been spending as much time in the garden as I can. From planting seeds to clearing the giant weeds that my garden seems to be good at growing. Good job satisfaction when it’s first finished though πŸ‘Œ

I’ve been on some nice walks.

I enjoyed watching the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle but I think I enjoyed watching the FA Cup Final even more! (even though it was the wrong result in the end as Chelsea beat Manchester United 😏)

I’ve hoovered out the inside of my car. And I had to do a deal with Gary that he would wash the outside of mine if I hoovered the inside of his! Hungry work – I think we both enjoyed the barbecue in the evening πŸ”πŸ₯—

Wet n Wild fun


Tuesday 8th to Sunday 13th May

The 8th May – Leah’s birthday! 24 years old 😱

We all had to go to work, but luckily Leah finished a bit earlier than usual. (When I arrived at work a couple of people said to me ‘oh we weren’t expecting you in today’. Apparently I had booked the day off as holiday, me and my muddled head had completely forgotten about this! I could really have done with a day off as well 😏)

We had a little ‘hotdog’ 🌭 tea party in the evening.

My dreaded Shingles seemed to be extra painful this time 😫 I didn’t think it was advisable to go and volunteer this week.

On Sunday we went for Leah’s birthday outing, to Wet n Wild.

We were very lucky with the weather, it was a lovely warm and sunny day.

It was such fun 🀣

I got to show off my special talent – I can sit on water! 😱

(If you want to see more pics have a look on my Photos page!)

This was followed by a nice lunch in a local Harvester pubπŸ—πŸŸ

Sunny Bank Holiday


Tuesday 1st to Monday 7th May

Can you believe that it is May already? because I can’t! This year seems to be going at high speed. I don’t like it, it needs to slow down.

The month started off for me with not feeling very well. I felt sick, achy and just not right.

I still went into work as I couldn’t afford the time off without pay. Tough days though.

I didn’t make it in to volunteer. I was feeling a bit fed up and even more exhausted than usual from the extra effort of working for two days while not feeling well, that I decided to be kind to myself for once and give myself a bit of a break. I ended up taking myself off shopping for Leah’s birthday presents. And I still went out for the Thursday evening walk, which I probably shouldn’t have done πŸ˜–

I spoke to the doctor about my blood pressure results (from having the monitor on for the day). The average reading was still a bit low, so I now have to take a lower dose of my Losartan medication and then retest in a few weeks.

The Bank Holiday weekend was hot and sunny β˜€οΈ How unusual is that?!

I planted some sunflower seeds.

Had a little walk around The Model Village in Bourton on the Water.

Had a lovely walk around Oxford.

I still wasn’t feeling too brilliant. It became clear why. Shingles had arrived again, no surprise as I always get them when I’ve been run down. But at least I was able to get out and spend some nice time in all the lovely sunshine πŸŒžπŸ˜€

Massage needed!


Thursday 19th to Monday 30th April

Finally some nice hot and sunny weather had arrived for a few days.

The hottest day of the year so far and I had to spend it with a blood pressure monitor strapped to my arm! Because my blood pressure has been quite low on the last few times it has been checked, results throughout a whole day were needed.

I had already decided not to go and volunteer, so I spent a busy day in the garden. I gave it a good sweep, which was much needed after the jetwashing, cleaned the garden furniture, sorted and cleaned the flower pots, weeded some of them and gave them a bit of a change around.

Here’s a sneak preview of just a section of my garden, I still have more to do …

Just look at that blue sky. No photoshopping here, it was a glorious day!

I didn’t stop, except for about a minute every half hour when the cuff blew up tight on my arm to take the reading (and yes, after a few hours this was starting to get quite annoying).

It was SO hot β˜€

And then I still went out for the evening walk, almost 5 miles as it was so lovely.

I was rather tired when the end of the day came 😴

At the weekend there was a nice 5 mile walk to Salford and back with a well deserved half a cider shandy while sat outside the pub when we returned.

The new week started with the weather soon changing back to being cold again. I was SO cold on the Friday at work, I was shivering.

What a difference in the weather this weekend to last as well. A cold walk around the grounds of Blenheim Palace. In the evening I was lucky enough to be treated to fish and chips in The Fox, which was very delicious πŸ˜‹

The rest of this time was spent working and of course going for as many walks as I could! A bit of spring cleaning, sorting a cupboard and dealing with my painful hip, and now it seems that my shoulder has decided to join in with giving me pain! I can’t remember if I have mentioned it here before but I have diagnosed myself as it being repetitive strain injury, from my job on the supermarket checkout. The particular hours that I work are so busy, you just don’t stop.

I think that I read that massage helps. I consider these a luxury and they are expensive but maybe I have a good excuse to treat myself to one πŸ€” πŸ˜†



Saturday 14th to Wednesday 18th April

A sunny Saturday and a trip out to a few shops and then to the garden centre. A couple of new flower pots for my garden were bought!

The horses that I picked for the Grand NationalΒ didn’t win! ☹️

On Sunday I asked Gary if he would jetwash my patio garden for me. It had got really grubby over the winter and was quite slippy in places. Of course I wanted a go, it was fun!

My sister Lynda and her husband John have just bought a caravan. The most unlikely couple that you would think to do this! They are going to store it at a campsite nearby. I went to visit on Monday as they had pitched it there for a night so that they could have a fiddle about with everything to see how it all worked and try and get used to it a bit. They decided they were going to attempt to put the awning up. They had never done this before and they had no instructions! I was going to make a quick exit but kind of got roped in to help! If only you could have been there … None of us thought it was a windy day until we got this awning half attached to the van. It was flapping about so fiercely, which did not help at all while we were trying to figure out where the poles went. John was not a happy man 🀬🀣 It was very soon packed back into the bag with no success 🀯

After work on Tuesday I went for a nice walk across the fields with a friend. As it was going to be muddy I wore my wellies. The walk was two and a half miles. My toe was SO incredibly painful afterwards. I’ve obviously walked much further than this before, so it wouldn’t have been because of the length of the walk. So I don’t know if walking in my wellies caused the problem πŸ€” They don’t usually affect it in this way but I was really suffering 😰

As always, thinking of my dad today. 24 years since he has been with us 😰

When Gary wanted to walk on Wednesday I wasn’t intending on going very far as my toe was still so very painful. I still did two miles though! But it was really very annoying as it was a lovely warm and sunny afternoon 😠 I would have liked to have stayed out so much longer.

Is my appointment with the podiatrist ever going to arrive?

When I saw Lynda on Monday I had given her some of our overripe bananas that no one would eat.

What a nice surprise to find on my doorstep πŸ˜€

Blocked ears!


Tuesday 3rd to Friday 13th April

So April so far has been pretty straight forward!

Working and volunteering. Though I did feel rather strange at times as I think my ears were a bit blocked or something! Lots of echoing and mumbling background noise which I couldn’t really make any sense of πŸ€”

Sometimes I may not have much to write about but I do think that there is always too much for me to think about.

🀯 “My brain is like an Internet browser. 17 tabs are open. 9 of them are not responding. Thousands of popups.” 🀯

It’s been nice to be able to go on a few longer walks as the evenings are getting lighter.

Happy 50th Birthday to Gary. A meal out with Emma and Jamie, I had some really nice 🐠 and 🍟

University Hospitals BirminghamΒ – one of the top ten centres in the world for liver research, treatment and transplantation. Well they certainly did a good job when I needed them 3 years ago πŸ˜€

I have heard from elsewhere about this new drug that has become available and have been wondering to myself if maybe I should change from the ursodeoxycholic acid, which I took for many many years before my transplants and have already gone back onto it now. Something to speak to Professor Hirschfield about when I see him at my next clinic appointment I guess.

Record number of organ donorsΒ – thank you to all the donors and their families, who have the final decision to make at a very tough time.

Easter weekend


Friday 30th March to Monday 2nd April

The Easter long weekend 🐣

Good Friday for me was spent at work.

The rest of the weekend consisted of a visit to Charlbury for a lunch of spag bol! 🍝, a walk down to the local pitch to watch Robyn’s boyfriend play football and later we watched the Anthony Joshua boxing match πŸ₯Š

An egg hunt at Julie’s and a music quiz in the Blue Boar with some drinks in the Crown & Cushion after 🍷

A cooked breakfast out and a walkabout in Banbury.

During our drive we came across Traitor’s Ford. Look at the difference in the water level from the pic of the ford which was in the link compared to the one I took.

As you can see it’s rather flooded from all the rain we’ve been having. It was fun driving through it though 🌊

Thank you Robyn and Leah for my Easter pressies 🎁

I’m really not too sure why I read the story aboutΒ Scotland’s oldest organ donorΒ in an online American newspaper! πŸ€” But this just goes to show that you are never too old to help someone else. This 107 year old lady saved someone’s sight. How amazing is that?

Tired 😡


Wednesday 21st to Thursday 29th March

During this time we’ve had some nice sunny days and some heavy rainy days! 🌀🌧

I’ve had some feeling fed up days, times when I just can’t concentrate on a single thing, which makes me very frustrated and even more fed up, and I’ve just been so very, very, very tired. Yes, even more than normal, if that’s possible 😡

I came across this tiny article!

“At last I found a good explanation of the difference between fatigue and being tired.

Fatigue is often confused with tiredness. Tiredness happens to everyone – it’s a feeling you expect after certain activities or at the end of the day. Usually, you know why you are tired and a good night’s sleep solves the problem.

Fatigue is a daily lack of energy; it is excessive whole-body tiredness not relieved by sleep. It can last for a short time (a month or less) or stay around for longer (six months or longer). Fatigue can prevent you from functioning normally and gets in the way of things you enjoy or need to do.”

Fatigue is a symptom of PBC. Some days I think okay, maybe I am just tired. But other days I think it is probably a bit more than that, the dreaded fatigue. It’s tough πŸ˜–

On Thursday 22nd I had to go for another hysteroscopy and biopsy, to check for any more changes in the cells due to my previous diagnosis of hyperplasia. (An increase in the number of cells in an organ or tissue. These cells appear normal under a microscope. They are not cancer, but may become cancer).

I had to be up extra early so that I could get a lift into Banbury with Leah. This meant that I was very early for my actual appointment time, so at 7.38am I went for a 1.78 mile walk! 😱 Good job it was a lovely sunny morning.

Thankfully I didn’t need to go into the operating theatre for my procedure (this made me a little scared the last time 😫). And it was over and done with a lot quicker than before. I never really used to bother too much but now I just don’t like having anything at all done to me anymore. The nurse made me a cup of tea and then I was able to leave. Let’s hope the results are good ones!

I walked back into town and treated myself to a coffee and a nice walk by the canal before I caught the bus home.

A sunny Sunday afternoon and a walk with Robyn – we were now able to go up the ‘snowdrift’ lane!

It’s finally back to its normal self!

Painful fingers


Tuesday 13th to Tuesday 20th March

So very, very tired for work after my trip to Birmingham yesterday.

Wednesday, a day off when I spring cleaned a window frame!!! and visited a friend (I used to childmind her daughter from when she was just a tiny baby until she was about 3 or maybe 4 I think πŸ€”)

On Thursday I did 3 separate walks! One of them was only a mile long but my tracker made the shape of some walking legs!

For a little while on Sunday evening I sneaked in to Leah’s bed (it was so extremely cold and was starting to snow again 😱) and was listening to her music which she always has going when she’s at home. She plays a real mixture, some of my favourite ones from the charts, some of all of our old favourites to bring back some memories. All 3 of us love to listen to Leah’s music from whichever room we might be in the house!

A visit to Dr Fisher on Monday morning, who told me that the results of the X-ray on my hip were fine, so now to wait for the ultrasound.

In the afternoon I needed to take my car back to the garage in Banbury ready for tomorrow, when they were going to replace the seal above the window which they recently repaired, as it was loose. Then the idea was for me to get a lift back home with Leah when she finished work. I left the car and started the reasonably long walk into town. The garage then rang to say that they had already done the seal and did I want to just come back and collect it now! So I turned around and walked back to the garage. I checked the seal, to me it didn’t look like it had been fixed, they had just tried to squeeze it back in, they certainly didn’t have time to fit the new one. So the manager came and looked, I explained that it was booked in for tomorrow really and he agreed that it was not good enough and could I leave it to be sorted properly tomorrow as planned! So back off I set again for the walk into town to meet Leah. There’s nothing I like better on a very cold early evening than walking back and forward, back and forward through the back streets of Banbury! 😫

I collected my car again after work on Tuesday πŸš— It’s not a perfect job, but at least it has the new seal on it now 😏

Raynaud’s disease, just another delightful condition for me to deal with! Do you suffer with it yourself, have you heard of it? Here’s a pic of how my hands looked on Sunday.

I will be glad when this long cold winter has finally ended. Although, as it says in the above link, it doesn’t have to be that extremely cold for my poor fingers to suffer πŸ–

I do think that if I lived in a warm, sunny country a lot of my problems would just disappear! 🏝