A horrible time


Monday 13th to Wednesday 22nd November

And so begins a very horrible time.

A torn muscle = extreme pain 24 hours a day 😒 There was just no escape. Every single night I was woken up with the pain.

I was virtually housebound. As I could barely get around, obviously I was not able to leave the house unless someone was available and willing to take me. Everyone was at work most of the time, then busy doing other things.

I had some long and lonely days.

Frustrating days too when you have things that you need to do which are building up around you but you are just not able to do them. And places to go but you are just not able to get there!

One day I even tried crawling into the kitchen on my hands and knees so that I could try and make myself a cup of tea. I wasn’t successful ☹️

I had to go up and down the stairs on my bum. This is quite hard, you have to use your arms and shoulders to pull yourself up, so then after a while they start to really hurt too.

At times I tried to keep myself occupied by doing jobs around the house but every movement hurt so it all took rather a long time.

I was lucky enough to be taken out a few times.

I managed to borrow a wheelchair from a friend’s mum and one day Robyn and Leah took me into Banbury. It’s so very frustrating having to be pushed around in shops, you see something you want to go and look at but you have to just sit and wait as you are relying on someone else to get you over there. It does make you realise just what you take for granted when your usually able to do it all yourself.

During this time I had a previously booked doctors appointment, so Dr Fisher had a look at my leg too and told me that I would definitely need some physio, could I please ring and get an appointment with them. I really wasn’t sure how that was going to be possible because no one can come anywhere near my leg at the minute, let alone touch it and move it about!

Dr Fisher also told me that he had finally heard from my consultant (have been waiting for ages) and that over a few days I was to finally start reducing the noresthisterone (hormone) tablets that I have been taking and then stop them completely, which I did. As a result of this I have been bleeding all the time again 😑 but hopefully this will settle down 🀞

As a result of being so run down I imagine, I also had more outbreaks of my Shingles related virus.

Just more things to have to cope with πŸ˜–

After 12 days I finally started to notice that the excruciating 24 hour pain was easing. (There really had been no improvement in my leg whatsoever until then 😩) I still had a whole lot of pain and I still couldn’t walk, but I was starting to be able to move my leg about a little more.

Now I would be able to start having the recommended physio I imagine.




Friday 10th to Sunday 12th November

Urm, I can’t walk to get anywhere. I have excruciating pain. Obviously going to work this Friday was completely out of the question.

If I had some crutches would I at least be able to get off the sofa and kind of get about the house?

I rang the doctors’ surgery but they don’t keep any. The only way you can get them is through A&E. ‘Why didn’t they give you any when you were there yesterday?’ I have no idea!

Leah happened to have the day off so she drove us to the A&E Department in Banbury where she works. But you have to go through the whole procedure of booking in as a patient and waiting to be seen by a doctor, you can’t just ‘go and get some’.

So I came away from my second visit to A&E with some crutches.

The pain was SO intense, any slightest movement was excruciating (there was no relief even when I was resting) but at least I would actually be able to get myself to the toilet! The simple things!

In the evening I had a Riverside party to go to.

The weekend was spent doing not much. Unfortunately I didn’t have much say in that matter.

Gary did make a curry on Saturday night which is always a good thing πŸ˜‹

And he drove me down to the town centre on Sunday morning so that I could watch the Remembrance Parade. We were very lucky to find a good parking space but typically we got the timings wrong and were sat waiting for an awful long time! And to make matters worse I wasn’t even able to get out of the car and walk to Nero’s to get myself a coffee! 😑



Thursday 9th November

I went to the JR Hospital to volunteer as normal.

I went for a walk into Headington as normal.

I stopped at the pelican crossing and waited for the green man. I took a step. My very first thought was that something extremely heavy had somehow fallen out of my backpack and hit the back of my leg with such force! I had extreme pain. It felt like something had exploded inside of my leg. I kind of hobbled to the other side of the road while all the cars were waiting for me. Thankfully there was a wall which I leant against. I didn’t know what on earth I was going to do. I was almost a mile away from the hospital where I had walked from.

I messaged both Robyn and Leah, I don’t know what I thought they were going to do as they were both at work and not finishing until much later in the evening! I thought ‘I’m just going to have to try to walk back’. So that’s what I did, I hobbled back through the streets for nearly a mile, slowly and very painfully.

While I was hobbling I was trying to decide whether I should just get on the Park & Ride bus back to my car, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to drive it but it was a bit closer to home for someone to pick me up. Or whether I should get myself to the A&E department to get my leg checked out while I was already up at the hospital.

I eventually decided to go and get it checked. I was a bit hot and bothered! and my face and neck were red and burning up by the time I got there.

I must just show you what I suddenly noticed was facing me while I was sat in the waiting room.

I had to painfully hobble to the room where they triage you and then back to my seat, then painfully hobble again through to the next department and cubicle where I was seen.

I was shaking when I got on the bed and was being examined. I was given a blanket and told that I probably had a bit of shock. I’m not bloody surprised after what I had to do to get there!

I had torn my calf muscle 😰

I was just sent off with the advice to ice pack it regularly and keep it raised to help with the swelling and take painkillers (I am only allowed to take paracetamol) and that it could take a few weeks to get better πŸ€”

Another painful hobbling session back to the main hospital reception so I could try and gather my thoughts and decide how I was going to get home. I now knew that I was not able to drive my car!

I then found out that Gary had been working in Oxford so he came and picked me up and took me home.

I was in a LOT of pain and very upset 😒

I still had the problem of my car being left in the Park & Ride car park in Kidlington and that the parking ticket would run out at just gone 9pm. After a lot of thinking and messaging around I finally managed to solve the problem. My brother George would get a lift with Gary and then he would drive my car back home πŸš—

What a horrible day 😫

A lovely walk πŸŒ€


Monday 6th to Wednesday 8th November

The first Monday in November and what a lovely day it was!

I really enjoyed my sunny afternoon walk. It was reasonably warm for the time of year.

Shame about my calf muscle, it was still so very sore 😏

Just work on Tuesday, same on Wednesday plus a little walk with Jackie and Alfie 🐢 and a nice cuppa tea β˜•οΈ

While I was at work one of my customers said to me ‘I’ve seen your story in the newspaper’. Oh yes, I’ve been in the Chippy News recently. ‘No, there’s a big picture of you in the Cotswold Journal’. So I managed to get hold of a copy and had a look. Where on earth had they got my story from, I hadn’t sent anything to them. This was completely unexpected. After a bit of investigating I found that apparently the QE Hospital in Birmingham had sent my story to them!

Do you remember that I posted a link on here about a man that was walking miles with a sandwich board looking for a kidney for his wife. Well she got one! 😁

Now her husband says he is still going to go out walking with his sign to promote organ donation and the need for donors. Have a read πŸ‘€

πŸŽ‰ I have walked 1000 miles πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘£


Sunday 5th November

So today was the day …

Gary drove myself, Robyn and Leah up to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and we all walked my 1000th mile together 😁 (thanks so much to all three of you for coming to walk with me) around the outside of the hospital where my life was saved.

Off we go … (with Gary walking behind taking the photo!)

Yay, I did it πŸ‘£

And two months early too, as my year doesn’t actually end until the beginning of January 2018. I wonder how many more miles I can do πŸ€”

What a difference. The first picture is how I needed to leave the hospital in April 2015. I could barely walk. The second picture is 2 years and 7 months later and I’ve just done a 1000 mile walking challenge πŸ‘

Thank you to my donors and their families 😍

Then lunch in a nearby Frankie & Benny’s!

No fireworks πŸ’₯


Tuesday 31st October to Saturday 4th November

Not much going on in these few days. I didn’t even get to go and watch any firework displays that were going on at the end of the week πŸ™

As a result of having my flu jab last week I had a bit of a cold and a bad headache etc and I also had the Shingles related virus that I get when I am a bit run down and stressed so I just wasn’t feeling quite 100%

Obviously it wasn’t a good plan for me to go and volunteer this week in the hospital :/

Many many more baby fish had been found swimming around in Leah’s tank during this week. In the end she counted 44 tiny baby fish 😱 What on earth was she going to do with them all, there was no room in the tank for all of these! Thankfully the fish department in a nearby garden centre agreed to take them so when Leah had a day off from work we took 42 of them over (Leah had decided to keep two of the new tiny babies for herself). It felt a little sad to leave them there, I hope their all be okay!

Robyn told me that I had been back at work for 2 years on 3rd November. I didn’t realise!

Oh by the way, I’m in our local paper the Chipping Norton News again! 😁

QE trip


Monday 30th October

So today I drove myself to clinic at the QE.

I always find this a little odd when I have to go on my own. As much as I love the QE, it also makes me feel a bit weird and scared for a while when I go back there. I guess it’s just bringing back many many memories πŸ˜– And you never really know what the doctor is going to say to you ..

I went for a bit of a walk around outside when I first got there, I needed to plan and measure a route for when I come here to walk my 1000th mile πŸ‘£

I went and sat in the restaurant to have my coffee and cake 🍰 I was lucky enough to get a seat over by the big windows, which is where we used to go and spend some time when I was eventually allowed to get off of the ward for a little while.

Watching everyone walking around and sitting about outside made we want to go walking again so off I went! It was such a lovely day 🌀

Then it was time for my appointment with Professor Hirschfield. Everything seemed to be fine πŸ™‚ No changes to my medication needed. Just go away and keep on doing what I’m doing basically! It seems to be working. Come back in a few months.

My bloods were taken and then off I went.

I spent the evening baby fish spotting! I have briefly said before that Leah now has some tropical fish in a tank in her bedroom. She has gradually been adding to her collection and she has quite a few different ones. Well now she has many more! She discovered some tiny tiny babies were swimming about the tank. These need to be removed and kept separate in a smaller section of the tank as the other fish would just eat them apparently. The more we looked the more we could see. There were loads 🐠🐟🐑 Leah was trying to quickly scoop them up in her net but they moved so fast. It was quite amusing.

I must just mention that I received a letter today telling me that I was a finalist for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Best in Care Awards in the category ‘QEHB Charity Supporter of the Year’ and that I was invited to attend the Awards Ceremony in November. Guess I need to get my posh frock out! πŸ‘—

Fish 🐠


Monday 23rd to Sunday 29th October

A trip to an indoor trampolining park with Robyn and my two nieces’ children Tia, Freya and Oliver. Followed by lunch at Frankie & Benny’s.

A trip to Yarnton Nurseries Garden Centre where I bought some fish, 5 x Rummy Nose Tetra! A bit of a long story but Leah had now set up her spare small fish tank in the dining room and I was allowed to choose some fish for it! πŸ˜€

I unexpectedly had my flu jab πŸ’‰ ouch 😩 A lovely sore arm for work the next day, just what you need when you work on the checkouts.

The rest of the various times during the week were spent working, volunteering and walking.

Later in the week Robyn discovered that two of my fish were dead 😱☹️ They didn’t last long!

The weekend was a visit to the new Westgate shopping centre in Oxford (which I walked around with a very painful calf muscle). I was quite amazed at how big it was and how different to before. I do think it may be rather cold there, a bit of a wind tunnel in places, as not all of it is undercover. But it won’t matter to me as I don’t think I will be visiting there too regularly anyway. Unfortunately I just don’t have the spare money to spend in the kind of shops that are there.

And an evening spent at Open Mic night at the Blue Boar in town. You could say that some of the singers were more fun to listen to than others!

Here’s an amazing story for you to read. Good luck to the couple🀞