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Betty and Edith â¤ī¸


Thursday 18th to Saturday 20th February

Happy lockdown Birthday to me 🎁🎂

I am lucky that I have Robyn and Leah to spoil me.

Here I am as a little girl with my mum Betty and my nan Edith 😍

I SO miss them. Two special ladies. I can now only imagine just how amazing it would be to be able to go and have a cup of tea with them, the stories we could tell each other (they both know nothing about my transplant journey) and all the memories that we could share 😰😰😰

And just so that we end things on a brighter note –




Friday 12th to Wednesday 17th February

I had received a phone call from a doctor at the John Radcliffe Hospital. Would I like to take part in the OCTAVE study, which aims to measure the immune response to the Covid-19 vaccination in immunosuppressed patients.

Yes of course, I’m always up for helping with research.

I arrived for my appointment. I knew straight away that the first nurse was not going to be too successful in getting any blood from me, she was being way too gentle! You can’t be like that with my veins, their very tiny and they disappear when the needle goes in (that’s what I’ve been told on many previous occasions) and you can’t mess around with them! She got a little bit out from two attempts but my veins just kept giving up on her and they really needed to have more blood from me. A junior doctor came to have a look, he decided he didn’t really want to attempt it. So I suggested that I went up to the liver ward (where I volunteer) to see if anyone there could get some (it was SO nice to be back to see the hustle and bustle of the ward again, to have a cup of tea and a little chat, I have missed going there). Anyway the first nurse had one attempt, no luck. The second nurse finally managed to get some – on her third attempt!

Six attempts all together! I haven’t had such a problem like that since when I was ill. Trying to take my blood was always a nightmare then.

After all of that performance it was then time for yet another jab, my Covid vaccination.

No side effects from this first time, lets wait and see about the next.

Happy Birthday to my brother 🎉

Happy Birthday to my sister 🎁

And Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone 💖



Monday 8th to Thursday 11th February

It’s been SO cold, I can’t bear it đŸĨļ

Makes for some good photo opportunities though.

My succulents in the snow

and despite the snow, Spring is on it’s way 🌱

On a little trip out I just had to do some dangerous roadside photography, I just couldn’t resist! It all looked so amazing.

Mother Nature sure does create some beautiful things.

Back in January Leah decided to make us a little birdwatching area in our garden!

She bought a flat pack bird table and put it all together herself, got some logs and made a little woodland area too, and has been putting out fresh food and water daily.

Nothing came ☚ī¸ for ages 😰

But now – we’ve finally got some little visitors coming to our garden 😃

This was the first one I spotted, I managed to get a quick pic through the blind.

We think it’s a pied wagtail. He comes with his little friend every day. Every now and then you will see them grab a mealworm but these two little wagtails mainly just wander about on our gravel 😍



Monday 1st to Sunday 7th February

Is this the most exciting news of the year so far?!

January is over (although I do like January) and it’s the start of a perfectly square month.

According to Wikipedia, February is the only month of the year that, once every 6 years then twice every 11 years consecutively, features 4 full seven days weeks (starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday). It last occurred in 1965, 1971, 1982, 1993, 1999 and 2010.

Simple pleasures. (It’s also my birthday month!)

So where do you fancy going this Squarebruary?! Have a look at this and see where you might go …

I love these drawings based around food and drink which I saw on the Internet.

Aren’t they great? Some people are so clever 👍

Jigsaw gene 🧩


Wednesday 27th to Sunday 31st January

It was nice to get out for a Sunday walk to somewhere different, even though it was painful!

What do you think?!

My mum used to love doing jigsaw puzzles. She was very good at them, she used to do difficult ones – Wasgij, where you don’t actually know what the picture is going to turn out to be and also she enjoyed doing double sided ones 😱

So I’ve started one of my Christmas presents now. It sometimes frustrates me and it takes me an awful long time, I didn’t seem to get the jigsaw gene from my mum, but this one is quite fun to do featuring all the things that happened during 2020.

This is just one of the exhibitions that has been displayed in one of the Oxford University Hospitals recently.

“During this extraordinary year, art – created by, and of, staff in our hospitals – has played a really important role in our hospitals, offering gratitude, support, a release, and documenting this moment in time.”

Have a look at the photos of staff at work during the Spring 2020 peak of the pandemic, which were displayed for the #OneTeamOneOUH exhibition

Now I had some bizarre enough dreams as it is when I was very poorly in Critical Care. Some of them were about the staff that were looking after me but were all set in different unusual situations, so I dread to think what on earth I would have been dreaming about when all the staff that were dealing with me were having to wear all these awful masks and goggles and whatever 😏

Very confusing and scary for the seriously ill patients now.

Very uncomfortable and difficult times for the staff.

THANK YOU NHS – you are all quite amazing 🤩