Friday – Tea and shopping trip


Didn’t feel well this morning. Didn’t want to get out of bed. But was meeting my big sister for a cup of tea. So I walked into town and met her there. Had a chat. She’s going to Spain next week for a week of golf. She’s only allowed 1 suitcase of a certain size. Robyn good job your not going, you would NO WAY fit all your stuff in. She’s gonna wear her clothes on the plane apparently. Two shirts, two jumpers. Interesting šŸ™‚ Then I called in to work to give my boss my latest sick note. He said my sickness pay had run out! So I’ve now got to try and find out about Employment Support Allowance I think it’s called. Good job I’ve still got my wits about me!!!

Then I went into a gift shop which I have a voucher for. My mum (who very sadly died in May of last year and we are all still suffering badly from it) bought it for me for either Christmas or birthday one year but I just haven’t found anything I wanted in there. This time I manage to find some earrings which match with the heart necklace Robyn bought me for Christmas from there. So I am really happy about that. They will all be very special to me now.

I just pop to the supermarket and my phone just dropped out of my hand. I smashed my case up. Think phones ok thank god or I would be in trouble. Then I go a bit wobbly and I’ve still got to walk home yet. I manage it. People just probably think I’m drunk! I probably had done too much as not feeling great and needed some food. Makes me cross tho that I can’t even manage that. But I am not gonna give in.

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  1. yay you got matching earrings šŸ™‚ I will look after them for you when you have your operation! I know you won’t give in because your very brave just like nanny, but please don’t make yourself more poorly šŸ˜¦


  2. Hi val I’m sorry to here about ur mum passed but I’m so sorry but like Robyn said don’t get yourself more poorly me and family are thinking about u hope u can get a liver transplant soon we all want u to live xxx šŸ™‚


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