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Wet n Wild fun


Tuesday 8th to Sunday 13th May

The 8th May – Leah’s birthday! 24 years old 😱

We all had to go to work, but luckily Leah finished a bit earlier than usual. (When I arrived at work a couple of people said to me ‘oh we weren’t expecting you in today’. Apparently I had booked the day off as holiday, me and my muddled head had completely forgotten about this! I could really have done with a day off as well 😏)

We had a little ‘hotdog’ 🌭 tea party in the evening.

My dreaded Shingles seemed to be extra painful this time 😫 I didn’t think it was advisable to go and volunteer this week.

On Sunday we went for Leah’s birthday outing, to Wet n Wild.

We were very lucky with the weather, it was a lovely warm and sunny day.

It was such fun 🤣

I got to show off my special talent – I can sit on water! 😱

(If you want to see more pics have a look on my Photos page!)

This was followed by a nice lunch in a local Harvester pub🍗🍟

Sunny Bank Holiday


Tuesday 1st to Monday 7th May

Can you believe that it is May already? because I can’t! This year seems to be going at high speed. I don’t like it, it needs to slow down.

The month started off for me with not feeling very well. I felt sick, achy and just not right.

I still went into work as I couldn’t afford the time off without pay. Tough days though.

I didn’t make it in to volunteer. I was feeling a bit fed up and even more exhausted than usual from the extra effort of working for two days while not feeling well, that I decided to be kind to myself for once and give myself a bit of a break. I ended up taking myself off shopping for Leah’s birthday presents. And I still went out for the Thursday evening walk, which I probably shouldn’t have done 😖

I spoke to the doctor about my blood pressure results (from having the monitor on for the day). The average reading was still a bit low, so I now have to take a lower dose of my Losartan medication and then retest in a few weeks.

The Bank Holiday weekend was hot and sunny ☀️ How unusual is that?!

I planted some sunflower seeds.

Had a little walk around The Model Village in Bourton on the Water.

Had a lovely walk around Oxford.

I still wasn’t feeling too brilliant. It became clear why. Shingles had arrived again, no surprise as I always get them when I’ve been run down. But at least I was able to get out and spend some nice time in all the lovely sunshine 🌞😀

Massage needed!


Thursday 19th to Monday 30th April

Finally some nice hot and sunny weather had arrived for a few days.

The hottest day of the year so far and I had to spend it with a blood pressure monitor strapped to my arm! Because my blood pressure has been quite low on the last few times it has been checked, results throughout a whole day were needed.

I had already decided not to go and volunteer, so I spent a busy day in the garden. I gave it a good sweep, which was much needed after the jetwashing, cleaned the garden furniture, sorted and cleaned the flower pots, weeded some of them and gave them a bit of a change around.

Here’s a sneak preview of just a section of my garden, I still have more to do …

Just look at that blue sky. No photoshopping here, it was a glorious day!

I didn’t stop, except for about a minute every half hour when the cuff blew up tight on my arm to take the reading (and yes, after a few hours this was starting to get quite annoying).

It was SO hot ☀

And then I still went out for the evening walk, almost 5 miles as it was so lovely.

I was rather tired when the end of the day came 😴

At the weekend there was a nice 5 mile walk to Salford and back with a well deserved half a cider shandy while sat outside the pub when we returned.

The new week started with the weather soon changing back to being cold again. I was SO cold on the Friday at work, I was shivering.

What a difference in the weather this weekend to last as well. A cold walk around the grounds of Blenheim Palace. In the evening I was lucky enough to be treated to fish and chips in The Fox, which was very delicious 😋

The rest of this time was spent working and of course going for as many walks as I could! A bit of spring cleaning, sorting a cupboard and dealing with my painful hip, and now it seems that my shoulder has decided to join in with giving me pain! I can’t remember if I have mentioned it here before but I have diagnosed myself as it being repetitive strain injury, from my job on the supermarket checkout. The particular hours that I work are so busy, you just don’t stop.

I think that I read that massage helps. I consider these a luxury and they are expensive but maybe I have a good excuse to treat myself to one 🤔 😆